Thursday, May 13, 2010

George Stroumboulopoulos Blog

I hate George Stoumboulopoulos. I've never met the guy, I probably never will, but I know if I did I would call him snuffaluffagus and slap him straight across the face.

I really don't think it is his fault that I hate him so much, in part it is his position in Canadian television. People outside Canada think he's our go to guy for hard hitting interviews. They think we all sit around watching the hour, wondering what interesting details will George delicately extract from tonight's guests. We don't. Lots of people hate George Snuffaluffagus, in fact most people find him acutely irritating. His lack of competition is the only thing keeping him going, the minute a celebrity has to do something in Canada their agent books them on The Hour assuming this is Canadian culture, this explains why he has had some undeservedly awesome guests come and talk to him. It is overwhelmingly frustrating, I often sit shouting at the television, because no matter how hard I try I can't watch more that fifteen minutes of the hour without wanting to punch George in his ugly little smug face.

Its become psychological, my roommate can back me up on this. I have had well over twenty dreams about being on The Hour pretending to be interested in George's awkwardly delivered questions before turning on him and embarrassing him on his own show. I have also dreamed about starting a show called The Hour You Wanted Back' and having it start only moments after his hour ends.

Someone has to take him down, and I'm ready to roll my sleves up. Canada has so much going for it, the people are relaxed and easy going and really very tolerant. Not to mention there is a crazy amount of talent just waiting to be tapped into. The diversity of music here is mind blowing, with tiny bands making it huge nation wide. Canadians manage to be super nice and positive while maintaining an underlying level of sarcasm that could give England a run for it's money and to have George Stroumboulopoulos pretending to represent any of this is just an outrage. George was definitely the kid at school that tried too hard, that had no friends and made people feel uncomfortable when he stood too close to them. It is like he was given a chance to re-write himself, and to give him props he seems like a normal bloke, but a normal bloke who is trying to hard, who has no friends and makes people feel uncomfortable when he stands to close to them, or asks them questions while touching his fingers together.

I should be worried that you will be thinking I've gone of the rails, but I'm pretty confident a lot of you will agree with me. I once saw a guy on the street looking at a poster for George Stroumboulopoulos when the show was quite new, and his face literally crumpled like he was watching someone throw up. That's what George Stoumboulopoulos does to you, he makes you feel embarrassed, your cheeks rosy up, your nose crinkles and a creeping feeling runs down your back. Not the feeling I get when I think of Parkinson I'll tell you that much.

I feel a lot better now I've got that out of my system, a bit like after you sneeze. I think I've gone through my whole hit list now. I've already covered babe in a previous blog, and i've been told that doing a Terry Fox one will only get me in lots of trouble. You've been saved this time Terry Fox, but I will blog about you someday somehow.

hope you are all well

love and kisses xxxx

PS - just went to find a picture for the blog, look at him with no shoes on, God he's such an idiot.


  1. that entire post would be a great pitch. we need to get you a show.

  2. Thank you for this! I do not know you, but you have just won my favour.

  3. Beautiful blog about George S. he seems to be very self centered opinion kind of guy..Has doesn't even try to grasp and understanding of his Guests..he would be a good waste of 30 minutes to watch..i just also can't stand his personal belief of pretending that knows or understands a lot of things that go on..he is a waste r more like a scam..

  4. I like his style. I think you are very angry. did you sit on a tack. You must learn to unclench your sphincter.

    1. I think she's calling it like it is..He's smug, he doesn't flow with the conversation, he stares waaaaay too "intently" almost has rapey eyes and he's one of those Leo (that's his sign) men that don't know when to back the fuck off

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting into words and confirming I'm not alone in my disdain for this guy. You've captured it perfectly.

  6. This is brilliantly written and I couldn't have expressed my complete and total dislike of Strombo any better myself. Well done! I'm sharing this with my friends. Finally someone speaks the truth! It is so disheartening when people say they like this self absorbed arseholio.

  7. Apparently you're not patient or tolerant enough to nevermind this guy. I mean, seriously, switch the fucking channel, "psychological" WTF is your problem? Someone on tv that you dont even know and you hate them, I bet if you'd spend a few minutes with him you'd like him. Youre the worst of people, hating for no reason other than psychologically fed hate and little details like how he delivers questions. I would understand a strong dislike of the person, but you wrote a WHOLE ESSAY BITCH, you obviously hate him for reasons beyond the guy.

  8. i googled "i hate george stromboulopoulos" and was delighted. tell us though, how you feel about Jian Ghomeshi? Because they're basically the same person, right?