Monday, May 10, 2010

Black Wii Blog

I don't know how I have been bamboozled into thinking the black Wii is cool, but I do. It is exactly the same as a white one, only, well black. It makes me think of this documentary I once saw, totally randomly about Vodka. There was a vodka company who were looking to invest in black vodka, simply as a marketing gimmick. You see what they thought was, eventually people would come up to the bar, ask for some vodka and the server would say did you want it black or white. This is obviously a spin off from coffee, and to be fair people do ask for their coffee 'black' or 'white' but I'm just not sure if the same can be said of Vodka. It's just not an everyday purchase, well, except for a lucky few.

The Wii has been so heavily associated with white, even as an educated technology geek I let it fall into a Mac computer category in my brain. Plus the black plastic has got me thinking Darth Vader type of thoughts, and even I'm being tempted to the dark side. It will now mirror the other gaming consoles like the PS3, and looks a little less cuddly and Mario-like than it used to. I think I'm a just a sucker for new things, and this small change in colour is making me look at the Wii in a whole other light, which is ironic because Black by definition is devoid of light. - There is some reflection-ary humor there, you can thank me later.

Am I going to go out and get one? No, I'm not, but I'm sure as hell going to visit anyone that does. The bubble will burst pretty quickly I think, it is after all exactly the same operating system in a different casing, but I'm protective of my enthusiasm because it is actually a little cool. Apple have dominated the markets for years simply by colouring in their MP3 devices so why not let Nintendo have a try right?

So just a short one today, I'm typing on my phone as my computer is broken. Yes that does mean I didn't see the new Doctor Who yet, and people wonder why I'm cranky. xxxx


  1. you better let rob know it is out, he wanted one! YM

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