Wednesday, May 5, 2010


So firstly how crazy is this sandwich? I found it so randomly too. I'm pretty sure I wasn't googling Rubix Cube Sandwiches but one can never tell.

Secondly, I feel very young today. On Monday I started a course entitled, 'Television and Situational Comedy Writing'. How bloody cool does that sound right? Anyway I went in knowing it would help me learn to format my sitcom, as well as give me an great spec script to keep on file to send off to become a free-lance television writer. What I didn't realize is that it was going to be one of the most creative spaces I've put myself in, ever. I like to think that you can glean material from anything you experience. Just sitting in an office you are able to come up with some of the most elaborate story lines ever. The small things that happen are what make a show relatable, and up until Monday I couldn't imagine a better place to derive inspiration that the big old wide world.

However, being in a room with ten other people aspiring to do the same thing, really gets the ball rolling. While being torn between amazement at these incredibly creative people, I felt an overwhelming sense of competition that I've never felt before. I'm not a massively competitive person, I've always been distracted by having fun to really push myself ahead, but here I was in a room full of strangers thinking, be funny, be funny!

The adrenaline was pretty cool, it certainly makes you think quicker, and more intensely, although I swear after class was done it took me a good hour to calm down.Why do I feel young? - Because now I have homework. Good old fashioned, do it or you are in trouble, homework. I kind of like it, I have to sit down in the evenings and get stuff done, I'm starting to feel like I'm going to have to get my mum to sign off on it or something, lol or was that just for when you were in trouble? Either way, this time around I am going to take it more seriously, no copying someone else's on the train, and no my dog ate is style excuses when I get to class. As long as I have a ruler and a pen I should be good!

But the name of this blog is ANTM blog, and that is because today is Wednesday, and after work I get to go and hang with some lovely ladies and watch America's Next Top Model. My favorite to win is Raina, she is definitely the best one, but that never bodes well for them, Tyra is a bit of a tart for controversy so the normal ones tend to go first.

Alright hope your week goes well, and don't forget Mother's day is on Sunday so if you are going to buy gifts do it soon or face the consequences


m xxx

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  1. how many cycles of ATM do you think that Angelee has watched? She must be so stupid not to realize that the bitches never ever win!!!??