Sunday, December 27, 2009

Blackberry , Avatar and Christmas or BAC for short

It could be that my absence for the last three days is due to the time I devoted to helping the underprivileged or it could be attributed to the secret mission I was sent on to retrieve a vital piece of technology that could or could not affect the future of the stock market.

But it isn't.

Like most of us I spent the last three days eating anything that came on a plate, in a box or was arranged nicely in a ceramic dish. Why do we insist on eating so much at Christmas? Its not that I regret the seventeen sausage rolls I ate, no way I'd do it again if time were reversed, I was just wondering why everyone does it.
This time I have an answer. As magical as Christmas is, its a little bit boring. First there is the anti-climax, three months of pre-christmas music and advertising, and once it's here its gone. Then there is the magnanimous amount of crap they put on television. This year someone obviously decided the people needed more star wars and although it was enjoyable to watch every episode created it didn't give me the Christmas cheer that I was looking for. To much ewock and not enough elf related humor. Something to think about for next year me thinks

So with the crap television, Christmas being over and the whole family being off work, there are two main choices. Go to the mall or sit and eat another sausage roll. I should take a moment to point out that canadians are much better at family time, in fact I've been to parties where they stick notes to their heads and all guess who eachother are, it makes me embarassesed to talk about it, but they seem to really enjoy it.
British families are more inclined to drink tea, so to avoid it off to the mall we went.
It was horrible, they could have been selling unicorns for a dollar and I still would have walked out the mall angry. We stayed less than an hour and went home, where we drank tea and I had two more sausage rolls (for comfort).

The upside to Christmas is presents. Yes that makes me a materialistic wanker but I'm cool with it. This year I got a BLACKBERRY yay!! It does mean none of my family like me anymore but if they want to speak to me they can always pin me. Kidding, of course, but they are getting a little pissed off that my blackberry keeps beeping.
I remembered to turn it off when we went to the cinema, but I can't help myself from treating it like a tamagochi that needs feeding every few hours, and by can't help myself I mean don't try to stop myself in any fashion at all.

Ah - the Cinema, or the Theatre as we say in Canada. Another viable option for Christmas but not massively different from going to the mall, in fact a lot of theatres are in malls anyway. But we went to see ...AVATAR (I realize I put that in the title of this post, making it hard to create any suspense but still)

It was incredible, the 3D effects are truly outstanding and the story is beautifully sad and carefully told. I have honestly never seen a film like it, and the crazy amount of effort and money that went into the film is apparent. I would recommend going to see it immediately, in fact stop reading this blog head out and watch it and you can read the rest when you get back. But book ahead and go early. We had booked, but had the nerve to only turn up half an hour early. People scoffed when we asked them if seats were free laughing at us as we headed to the front area of the cinema where nobody wants to sit.

My dad said being so close was a plus on this occassion as the 3D effects were amplified, but I think that stems from him being a glass half full kind of person. My mum said the film made her a bit sick, maybe her glass is half empty. The two of them are drinking from glasses filled with crazy anyway so I don't think it matters too much.

Ok i'm off, still have time off work and am enjoying the boredom of not doing anything, plus the sausage rolls are finally all gone so I feel I can now move on with my life. Wonder if there is any chocolate left on the table?


Wednesday, December 23, 2009


So is it just me or are children's shows getting really weird?

For the first time, probably ever, I got up when my alarm went off. No snoozing or anything! Amazing right? Which meant I had extra time before I had to leave the house. I had this weird feeling that I had cheated time, and was now living in no-mans land, so to comfort myself I turned on the tele to see what was on.

Now I should preface this by telling you I'm a massive children's television fan, I've learnt more from Arthur the aardvark than any Adult based show on the box. I also used to work in the afternoon to the evening, so I can safely say I've seen a lot of it. Even as a seasoned professional what I watched this morning freaked me right out.

DirtGirl, its an Australian show, and they're pretty good at coming up with stuff for kids, and Dirtgirl is obviously aimed at teaching children about the outdoors. Whats' weird about the show is that it is mostly a cartoon but they have drawn the characters heads big enough to superimpose a real life human mouth onto their faces.

Now I get the concept, it makes the cartoons looks like they are actually talking. However the head to body ratio is so weird, and rather than just keeping the cartoons human they have a grasshopper with a human head stuck on top. Needless to say I was a little confused when I first tuned in. I did watch the full 11 minutes and once the initial uncomfortable-ness had passed I found myself getting into the story.

Ok I have to interupt my own blog because I just went on DirtGirlWorld and there is a box where she tells you the weather and why it is good.
This is literally what it says:

Windy weather is great for flying kites but the kites must wait - it's tomato rescue time.

I can't even think what to write, it definitely doesn't make sense right? Why would you need to rescue tomatos when it's windy? Either I'm missing something or all children are on crack nowadays and this is some sort of crack code you can only solve if you are a child on crack.

Anyways..I'm trying not to indulge my cynical side too much  so I will say the 11 minutes I watched were funny and sweet. Encouraging kids to get outside, grow your own vegetables and take care of this world is an amazing message, and if weirdly shaped talking faces need to be the medium we broadcast through, so be it.

I have posted a picture, and I think it gets across how bizarre these characters look. I am going to go look for a grasshopper picture too, I just feel this is something I need to share, like that video in The Ring. If I share this with you maybe I won't have weird dreams about it tonight.

It is also my last day at work before the holidays, yay!! I'm sure the time today will pass like sand through an hourglass..for these really are the days of our lives 


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Sing Off

So if you had told me I was going to be watching a show hosted by Nick Lachey on a Monday night I would have straight slapped you across the face.

I think I may have a soft spot for acapella.

My brother and sister in-law-to-be are big Glee Fans, and no-one can out-gleek my little sister roo, but it's all a little high school musical for me (sorry sian). Which is why I found myself both baffled and blushing at how into The Sing Off I seem to have gotten. It is a simple and familiar format whereby different groups sing songs, the judges critique them, vote off the worst, and in the end America votes. What makes the show is how good the groups are not to mention they don't have any backing tracks or instruments, they just have to use their voices - hence a cappella.

The show is just another example that I am a sucker for a harmony. I used to love the episodes of Scrubs where Ted and his band The Worthless Peons would sing, it makes me think of Dick Van Dyke, Mary Poppins and other such like. There's an element of crooning too it, that makes you think of the 50s and tuppawear...ok makes me think of the 50s and tuppawear.

Snapping back to reality. The reason I mention The Sing Off is that I will be using it as a slightly pathetic excuse as to why I didn't blog yesterday. I'm sure you understand right? I needed to know who won, no really, I NEEDED to know who won.

What I would have blogged yesterday had I not been glued to the tele-box, was a blog about Chris Bosh. He was at Muzik on Saturday night, as were me, my friend Michele and Sabrina whose birthday it was. YAY! He is one tall man, with one tiny girlfriend. At a bar with a celebrity it's cool right? Ok so I didn't know who he was when he walked in, and the bouncer certainly didn't look impressed when I asked but whatever, this means I'm practically famous, and can probably now play basketball really well.

Muzik is a weird bar. It is super posh, and super expensive, yet I have no idea why anyone would go there. The place pumps house music all night, but does not have a dance floor. Everyone just stands around talking to the people they came out with over the really loud music sipping on 15 dollar drinks. Seriously if this is the life of the rich and famous I might just shoot myself, or laugh at myself, seeing as everyone at the bar looked exactly the same.
It was like falling onto the set of an Amanda Bynes film yet no-one was going to realize that being youself was the only way to win the guy at the end. That being said Sabrina looked incredible and she is so rarely in Toronto it was nice to see her.

Oh one more thing...the place was carpeted. a bar? Its just not normal.

I should also mention Christmas. I hate to do it, it's very cliche, but if they can play Christmas music in November then I can mention it on my bloggy wog yes? I'm starting to think Christmas is more irritating than it is fun. If I ever go to the north pole I'm going to egg Santa's house or igloo whatever. Where did pingu live? Did he also live in the north pole? - Hold on I'll save that for another day.

Deep down I don't think I could egg Santa. Shopping truly is a pain in the arse but Christmas is still a little bit magical. Snow, time off from work, family and ridiculous amounts of chocolate really make it a tad more special than it is ridiculous. So at least for this year I won't let myself be recruited by the Grinch


Friday, December 18, 2009

Falalalala and Chocolate War

So today is the work Christmas party. It is times like these I can't help but admire the writing team that creates NBC's the office. It's spot on, we even managed to have a plastic cutlery dilemma here at work, I've started to look around for cameras.

I'm quite excited really, it's both a distraction from work and a whole afternoon of free food, but it does mean this blog post will be short.
Your disappointment is tangible.

I want to make sure I mention that Hersheys is trying to buy out Cadbury and the British are pissed. I actually read an article which was both rife with hyperbole and stated, is this the end of the chocolate we remember? A childhood memory destroyed? To be fair cadbury chocolate is about a billion times better Hersheys, probably because in England a chocolate bar has to contain at least 20% cocoa rather than the 10% in North America. But still the likelihood that Hershey's will mess with an age old recipe is low. I'm going to keep an eye on the story for you ;)

I'd also like to update you on Harry Potter Dog-gate (please read last post for reference) It seems perhaps I was more into the idea than Charlie was. I have some footage which I will try to upload this weekend but seriously if dogs could give a dirty look thats what I captured on tape. When your dog starts to pity you, you know you've hit a new low.

So I hope you are all having a lovely Friday and if any of you are also having a party for the holidays I urge you to drink responsibly...wait typo... drink irresponsibly yes thats it.

hugs and kisses xxx

Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Project

So I'm still all about the charity, but I am putting it on hold for one day because I have a new project that is so cool I already starting working on it for hours last night.

It was a happy coincidence really, I was on the phone to a friend when my dog Charlie started barking at the door, not an unusual occurrence as I am a terrible owner and endulge him. Anyway, I have tried a billion things to shut him up and they never work, but last night, and I swear this is true, I pointed at the dog and said

'wingardium leviosa'

And he only went and sat down, all quiet like.

This lead me to one conclusion, my dog is a wizard. The only other conclusion is that I am a wizard, which would be a silly conclusion to jump to.

So after excitedly explaining to my friend what had happened, and getting angry at her for suggesting I had shouted a levitation spell not a sit down spell, I hung up and got to work. You see I can't think of anything that would make me happier than if my dog did all his tricks in response to Harry Potter spells rather than proper commands. In fact if I get him to roll over when I shout expelliarmus I could die happy.

Now I do realize this makes me a geek, but deep down I think it might also make me a genius. I'd put up a poll but I think we both know which way the needle would sway on this one.

Anyway, I'm going to work hard on it, maybe i'll even add a video to my blog at the beginning of next week documenting my effots. Either way I hope everyone is having an excellent morning. Even if it is -19 with wind chill :S


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

People who are better than me

Extreme Make-over: Home Edition.

I have tried to make fun of this show. I have tried to shout sarcastic, bitter comments at the TV just to lessen the ridiculous amount of sadness that emanates from the screen when its on. I can't do it, every time i watch it, without fail, I cry.

It certainly doesn't help that they pick the families with the saddest stories and the biggest hearts. Last night it was about a woman who took care of all the kids in her neighborhood. She also ran a charity that distributed xmas gifts to kids who have nothing. She had blankets and toys everywhere, and would often cook for the families of kids who were too poor to buy food, or had run out of food stamps. Did i mention she was in a wheel chair.

Anyway while i was curled up in a ball sobbing into the duvet, I got thinking about charity work. There are so many amazing people out there who volunteer their time to make other peoples lives better. I recently heard about a doctor, who decided that for the rest of his life he is going to donate half his salary to charities around the world. He was so humble when he talked about his decision to give away so much money. Personally i would have a smug, self satisfied look on face if i was telling the world what an amazing thing i was doing but he was surprisingly sensible. He said that with just half his salary he would be able to save the lives of 3,000 people worldwide, and improve the lives of 10,000 more. It was like he was doing the math and coming to the most logical decision in his life, it made me feel bad, and it made me think.

Another story that always sticks in my mind is about a young guy who ran to the rescue of a girl being raped. Although he was too late to stop the crime, he chased the guy away, took the girl to the hospital and sat with her until her parents came. The police gave him 2000 pounds reward money for his bravery. What did he do with the money? He gave it to the rape victim, and then when they asked him why he didn't keep it he said it could be better used helping rebuild the young girl's life so she could move on.

So I've got home edition going on in the background, stories of unsung heros running through my head and find my heart rate accelerating.
And I know why.

I think everyone during our brief stint in this universe wants to think they can make a difference. I know i don't want to die wishing i could have done more for others. We live in a world where the top 5% have more money and more resources than the entire bottom 95% which just shows how very little we do for one another. So I'm starting afresh, I am going to make helping those less fortunate a priority, something it always should have been.

But what to do? There are lots of charities out there, and I have to try and find one i like working at because i want to stick with it. I also want to help lots of people and certainly people of different faiths and backgrounds. Its got to be on a weekend because i work Mon - Fri. hmm..this is starting to sound like the list from Mary Poppins, maybe if i tear it up and chuck it in the fireplace the charity of my dreams will fly down on an umbrella and knock on my door.

Thats crazy...charities can't use umbrellas..they don't even have hands.

So this week will be find my charity week...perfect timing as it is just before xmas so i have a little time off work to get my bum in gear. Anyway in the mean time any suggestions are welcome, that is if anyone is reading my blog,, is anybody out there lol.

In the meantime I've found the link to the article on the doctor giving away money. Here it is


ps: I may have also cried at Wal-E
and by may, i mean...did and by did.. i meant the first and second time i watched it.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Important Message

This is the smart part of Meryl's brain talking, she didn't listen to me yesterday and now she is lying in bed sniveling over an episode of extreme make-over home edition. Its a sad sight to behold.


Monday, December 14, 2009

Rainy Days and Monday's Always Get Me Down

The Carpenters had it right, and here I am on a Monday thinking of things to write in my bloggy wog and coming up with very little. I'm not sure if my imagination took a sabbatical or Monday mornings have the inexplicable ability to make everything seem harder to do, but something is blocking my undeniable genius today lol.

I thought instead i would tell you about the dream I had this weekend. It involved egg nogg, the YMCA and the shire (yes from lord of the rings)Now if i had any idea how my mind sac lumped these three things together to form a somewhat comprehensible dream i may discover the secret of the universe. Alas i do not know, so instead i will give you a play by play of my trip to the land of nod.

As usual my dream started out by making sense, I was sitting on the subway listening to my i pod, looking at strangers and deciding if they were wearing appropriate winter attire (one of my favorite past times). We get to the next stop and a woman gets on the train holding a tray of tiny starbux cups (you've seen them, taken a sample drink - don't lie). You may have guess they had egg nogg in them, but once i drank them, i passed out cold on the train. When i woke up (in my dream) i was in the hospital being looked after by a hobbit. After a short question and answer i found out i had been brought to the shire to recoup. I didn't think to ask why, someone how i thought it would be rude. Politeness is key even if it is during REM sleep.

Moving swiftly on, I'm walking around the shire, recovering from whatever was wrong with me, when a hospital official (human this time) comes over and tells me that they need my blood as i'm the only one who survived the egg nogg ordeal and they can use it to make a cure ('I am legend' copyright infringement anyone?). I would like to apologize for lack of originality but can i be blamed if my unconscious can do nothing but jump around the blockbuster store that lives inside my head?

Anyway my dream, I agree to go with the gentleman and he takes me to the YMCA, which always smells like rubber and sweat, and I spend the first half of my time there trying not to to say 'it is fun to go the YMCA' which I obviously don't achieve. But no-one laughed in my dream which i think is fair punishment for a shit joke. I get taken into a small room which has black and white square tiles all over it. Then things get really weird.

When i was really little i watched an episode of the twilight zone about a girl who was getting plastic surgery for like the 15th time, apparently she was so ugly people couldn't bear to look at her. For the whole episode you only see her face in bandages, and your curiosity peaks to the point you want to reach inside the tv and pull them off. As the episode closes you see them confess there is nothing more they can do for the young lady. Angry and crying she tears her bandages off. There behind the cloth is the most beautiful woman I think i have ever seen and as they pan up, you see all the nurses and doctors have these grotesque pig snouts and wrinkled faces. The message was clear, beauty is subjective, it just depends on how we define it.

This however does not explain why nine, pig nosed wrinkly nurses walked into my dream room and started trying to tie me to the wall. Immediately i began fighting them off, Jackie Chan style, I swear at one point i jumped up the wall to do a matrix style roundhouse kick. Dream Meryl is very cool. Just as i was getting into it, the tiles on the wall start to disappear, the room disintegrates, and i wake up.

I know, I'm as frustrated as you are. How will we ever know if the egg nogg dilema gets sorted? Who were the nurses? Where was frodo? Questions that may never be answered. However this dream gives me hope that my imagination will return. Just look what's sitting up in my brainbox all day just waiting for my pillow to facilitate its escape.

Rainy Days and Monday's may always get me down, but in dream land the skies are always sky blue and imagination is your only parameter. Maybe tonight I may get the ending to my story, if i do I promise to let you know.


Friday, December 11, 2009

Half the world away


Great Band! I felt they needed a whole line of their own before I started this post. Even if you hate them, which many people do, you can't deny their songs have stood the test of time. Champagne Supernova, Don't look back in anger, Wonderwall, I know you've hummed them, had them stuck in your head.

It just like with the pink panther song, its a form of brain box kryptonite.

Half the world away is one of my favorite Oasis songs, partially because I first heard it when I sat down to watch a show called the Royale Family, and partially because it's a song about feeling stuck. If you haven't seen the Royale Family yet then, with all due respect, you are a fool. It may be over, but re-watching the episodes is definitely it now.

But the real reason this entry is called half the world away is because that's exactly where my friend Sian is. Moving countries is a really weird experience. It's fun and exciting but its also lonely and frightening. What I didn't expect when I moved is to have people in my life who would stay so close to me, even though I moved so far away.
Sian is actually living it large in Australia right now, she is busier than anyone I know and after months of traveling she's got that really amazing glowy tan that makes me feel like a vampire with the flu.

Nevertheless. It's strange to have your best friends far away, and right now I've got Zee in England and Sian in Australia. What's weird is how tight we all still are, it shows that true friendship concurs all. Ok so it doesn't actually show that, but it does show that we love each other enough to make the distance work, plus it makes what we have pretty damn special. Friends you can count on are both hard to come by and vital to hold on to, and friends that will be there for you even from miles away are 1 in a me, i've got 2...don't be jealous. Lol

I've gotten so mushy, I feel I should have a whole paragraph on football or beer or something for balance. I did leave a note on a colleague's desk telling him to return a call to Mr Behr, and then left the Toronto Zoo number. Have giggled approx 16 times about how funny it will be when he calls.

A quick shout-out to my sister - who i saw perform last night. She was truly amazing, even if the 2 hours of watching other people before her perform made me want to shoot myself in the face. - just jokes..they were all very good (mostly)

Finally I want to make sure I mention how amazing my Canadian friends are, hell how amazing the Canadian people are. Even though I've not been here forever I've found the most interesting fun loving, hilarious people in the world. You are all incredible and I am very lucky to have you in my life. Shout outs to Michele just because she is divine and to mike for making fun of my blog.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

people falling over

People falling over is nearly always funny.
People skidding on ice, grasping the air, and still falling over is funny every time

unless it's you


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sleet and Snow and Rain Oh My

Being British, talking about the weather is second nature.
Being Canadian, talking about the weather is pretty much a winter sport.

Now that I am a mixture of the two, i find i can whitter away the winter hours talking to anyone and everyone about how terrible the weather is.

As I left my house this morning the outlook wasn't great. It was already raining. By the time I made it to the car it was snowing, and as me and grace drove to work large chunks of slush were pounding the car. As we pulled into the parking lot, a roll of thunder spread around us, and what I can only describe as a gold flash of light swept through the area. Grace screamed, she's not afraid to drive in the snow, but when the lightning struck I swear she was ready to curl in a ball and go to sleep in the car.

Regardless, this morning went well, and that's because of one slight edition to the house of Meryl. RAIN BOOTS!! the last pair of wellies i owned were shaped like green crocodiles and had yellow eyes sticking up from the top of them. They were actually pretty damn cool, but alas they are not sold in adult sizes, so i have ended up with purple check, fake fur lined welly boots!!

Unfortunately Grace was not wearing rain boots, well they were boots, and they were in the rain, but they certainly didn't keep the water out.
I did feel bad for her, even when i was singing my 'my feet are so dry' song and stomping through puddles. I even offered to give her a piggyback ride well until large chunks of ice came cascading down. Nobody likes hail, even snow doesn't like hail.

So the weather sucks, but I'm glad its snowing. Sudden changes in the onset of seasons is a massive reminder that a greener future is a necessity. Small changes in recycling habits, or car pooling like me and grace can have a massive impact on the future of our world.

So, even though it means you'll think i'm a tree hugger, I thought i would add a couple of really easy ways to help reduce your carbon footprint (advice on how to cuddle a tree coming later)

et voilla:

1. Bring lunch to work - how is anyone affording to eat out during the credit crunch anyway?!! not only will you save money, you will reduce the plastic used for take out.
2. pick up litter - I have some friends (you know who you are) who throw litter on the ground, or out the window, or down my top. Contrary to popular belief candy wrappers do not turn into candy trees if you throw them on the grass. Put garbage in the garbage bin!
3. Don’t use the dry cycle on the dishwasher - or wash your own dishes, like those of us who don't have a dishwasher.
4. use the toaster oven instead of turning on the big oven - Ok so i hate our toaster oven really it should only be used for toast. But my roommate does this and overall i think its a pretty easy way to save the planet.
5. bring reusable bags with you when shopping - and by this I mean actually bring them with you. I have about eight hundred billion at home and yet i'm always caught shopping without them. I have started carrying a folded up one in the bottom of my bag. I'm like mother nature in so many ways.

Small changes are amazing, and the impact each of us can have simply by changing our habits is pretty cool, however it is important that we get our voices heard. Huge governmental changes are also important, and letting the government know that it needs to take a hard hitting approach to global warming, and carbon emissions is a must!

If you want to read more about what you can do, or what we can do please visit the following website! Sign the kioto know you want to!


ps: cuddling a tree is easy, is all in the arms really.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Why lemmings?

After laughing for an hour at my sister imitating lemmings on skype last night, I came to realize that these tiny little green people are hilariously relevant to everyday life.

So what are lemmings?

For the eight of you out in the world that don't know what lemmings are I have posted a picture, they are tiny little green things that live in a world full of perils. Their one mission in life is to make it home. Unfortunately to get there they may need to cross rivers, lakes, pools of fire, walls, death-defying drops, and sometimes one of the pack have to be sacrificed.

In short it was a computer game. Came out int he 90s but didn't quite make it through the naughties. It wasn't as good as worms, but it was more addictive than two bite brownies, and one could find themselves playing for hours at a time. All you had to do was click on a lemming give it a special power and help it get home.

My particular favorite was making a lemming bash through a wall, which was perfectly demonstrated by my sister, fists clenched, arms windmilling forward as she walked off the edge of my skype video screen..she would make a great lemming.


See you thought i had forgotten about the point, and well, OK i nearly did, but I'm going to bring it round. What I liked about lemmings was the strategy. Not every lemming had to have a job, but even those who didn't had to be cared for. It may not have meant to, but it had an underlying message of team work and governmentality. Here we have a hundred lemmings, but even at the start we are told only 80 percent can survive. Sacrificing the few to save the many, its a massive message carried by tiny green lemmings.

Now i know that I'm not the only one that got a bit frustrated with the lemmings, and spent more than one game blowing up as many as i could. I've enjoyed watching them all walk into an exposed flame, one by one burning into nothingness. But overall, the challenge to save all of them reigned. Even if they wanted 75% survival, my goal was to save every single one. I was the superman to their metropolis.

It may seem ridiculous to compare a democratic society to a game with truly crap graphics, but I see the likeness. We are all controlled by strategists, deciding who to give the important jobs to, and how to protect the masses. We are looking for a purpose in life, never knowing if we are about to walk into a hot fiery pool around the next corner and hoping our fellow man may be there to stop us from doing so.

Contrary to the lemming lifestyle and luckily for me I get to decide the superpowers I'm going to use in my life, and what I'm going to sacrifice to help those around me. Oh and unlike a lemming I'll be glad to do it. But i will keep in mind that sometimes the bigger picture makes the smaller people seem irrelevant, and they are not, for in reality we are all small people. We are all lemmings.

I think maybe for now i should switch to playing worms....although its teaming with underlying messages about war...just kidding!!!


Monday, December 7, 2009


If I could tear off my arm and pat myself on the back I totally would, because after months of suggesting i was going to start a blog, I've only gone and bloody done it!

Why start a blog, you are probably, or probably not wondering.
Well I'm a writer, OK, an aspiring writer, and how better to show off ones ability to write than to blog. Millions of people writing millions of words that millions of people won't care about. Genius.

No I'm actually a huge fan of blogging, and a massive fan of technology. I'm a little fed up of people slagging off technology to be honest, exponential growth is always a little scary but come on youtube brought us puppies walking on tredmills, a debt we will unlikely be able to repay.

Talk of an Orwellian driven society is all good, but lets remember that the internet brought us a freedom newspapers rarely afford us, which is information. Free media isn't what it used to be, and now you have hundreds of articles from every opinion imaginable just a click away, if you can stop watching pingu on veoh that is.

Enough of my 'what grinds my gears' style blogging. This is simply a post to say hi, I plan to blog often, about equally unimportant things, which in my opinion are in actuality the most important things. If we do not derive pleasure from the things that make us laugh, the small happinesses we get from every day banter then we don't have anything to look forward to. Luckily for me, my life is full of lovely, kind generous, hilarious people. Who make me laugh, and laugh easily. These are my favorite type of people

I am sure i will mention them over and over, I'm known for repeating my stories a genetic weakness passed down from family of old. My roommate suggests i befriend and Alzheimer's patient, a situation that would suit the both of us...he's a bit dark he is.

So goodbye for now, i shall blog again soon, I will let you know how my writing is going, how my show is progressing, my opinion on smurfs, oh and babe the pig, and pretty much anything else that pops into my brainbox

xoxo gossip girl...just kidding. xx