Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A little Lost

Sorry for the lame pun but when you get lost in a Lost episode there is no escape from it. So yes I'm still excited to watch the season finale, and yes the fact they extended it by a half an hour makes me think it is going to be immense but no, I'm not sure it's all going to be explained.

My roommate was complaining they haven't done enough back story on Jacob and the MiB, and that the whole protecting the light at the heart of the island is a little bit stupid, and unfortunately I have to agree. There were so many unresolved mysteries that I was looking forward to finding out, and only a few have met to my satisfaction. The whole Richard back story was amazing, it really worked and felt like it was conceived really early on. But why the island exists, why the others took over the Dharma village and why does everyone have such a vested interest in the island is still beyond me. Look at Whitmore, he just couldn't leave the island alone.

Interestingly Desmond was identified as Jacob's fail safe in the show but really he has become a bit of a fail safe for the writers, I'm just dying to know what the jammy bastard is up to, I think if anyone is going to save the show it will be him. I also have no idea how they are going to bring the two alternate realities together, so I'm still holding on this idea that the finale is going to blow my mind and I'm going to write some sort of apologetic blog entry about how wrong I was about everything being tied up. I guess we will see

Funnily enough my mum just send me a link about Lost, apparently they are auctioning off all the props from the show. I want the computer with the button. I would be more than happy to press it every 108 minutes for the rest of my life, or at least until a map of all the Dharma camps showed up on my wall and metal objects started flying all over the place.

If you are interested check it out here

hare krishna to you all on this fine Wednesday.

hugs and kisses meryl

PS: ANNA LUCIA - amazing right?

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  1. The world is a bottle of evil and the island is the cork holding it all in.......? YM