Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Slick Work BP

So I think I'm suffering from some sort of bank holiday Monday jet lag, because today is Wednesday not Tuesday and yet yesterday was the first day of the week. It's got my whole sleep patterns wonky. It's the weather too, it is excruciatingly nice outside, well I'm assuming so, I've only seen it through the window. Global warming is a terrible, self inflicted problem that is going to get us all killed, but warm weather in the summer is a nice silver lining to an increasingly dark cloud.

Talking of dark clouds, today I wanted to talk about the BP oil spill. (that was quite a segue) I want to know why it is taking one the largest, richest and biggest companies in the world over a month to block up an oil spill? Don't get me wrong pulling out solutions named 'Top Kill' sounded cool but knowing that it only has a 60-70% chance of working makes me wonder if perhaps 'Top Manslaughter' or 'Top Snuff' may have been a more apt description. It is causing havoc on everything and thousands of things are dying because of it, there has got to be a smarter solution than filling the ocean up with mud.

The whole donate your hair to the ocean seems a little lame, unless Rapunzel suddenly calls up for a donation but at least people are trying to do something. How is it that we are still so dependent on oil anyways, it seems like another lesson we just aren't learning from. Prince Charles has invented a car that runs on cheese and wine and still we have yet to see anyone take a serious stance on the electric car. The whole wine and cheese car is obviously a little ridiculous, you'd have one hell of an upper-crust new car genre if you took it too seriously, but there has got to be something blocking cars that run on electricity because it just seems like the way forward. It's massive corporations that are creating this road block, there is too much money and corruption in the oil industry for them to let it go. Maybe I will invent a car that runs of Mac and Cheese to appeal to a more modest, money conscious populous, the top of the bottom can use Kraft Dinner while the rest of us have to fill up with the No-Name variety. That's a weird thought even for me.

Anyway, if you do want to donate hair or fur and save some cute sea animal babies then Matter of Trust are the people to go to, here is the link to tell you more

I hope the majority of you are not at work and are basking the beautiful sunshine, but if you are see if you can sneak in a drink on a patio, after all it feels like pimms o'clock to me. 

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