Friday, May 7, 2010

Jimmy and Beans Blog

So this weekend, two of the most amazing people in the whole world are having a party to celebrate their engagement. It is so exciting! This will be the first time I go to an engagement party where I can say I was there at the beginning of the relationship. Jimmy and Beans totally belong together, they are both huge amounts of fun, slightly crazy and a great team, best of all they got engaged in Figi, yeah I know, life is not fair.

This weekend is also mothers day!! So I wanted to take some time in this post to tell you about my mum. She is a little bit mental, and a complete nerd, but she is one of those people who laughs at everything. She likes to theme dinners, making sure the food and table are red for valentines day, green for christmas etc. She threw a plastic frog in the bath when me and my sister were really little, and shouted 'Frog' at the top of her lungs. She also used to feed us icicles that would form outside the windows in the winter. She let my sister keep snails as pets even though they used to slither away in the night and gets the names to every movie she watches wrong. She made great play dough when we were little (even though I always coverted the expensive real version that came in tubs) and she made sure that the house was full of fun all the time.

She is also a massive Trekkie. She has a picture of herself superimposed into the star fleet team, and went to the convention in America last time it was about. She loves the matrix, stories about murders, and lives on the internet, in essence she taught me it was OK to be a complete nerd, but you have to commit. She is also a fantastic mum, and I am very very lucky to have her.

Long story short I love you ma, and can't wait to see you on Sunday.

Hope you all have a great weekend! Love and kisses to all the mums out there.


Special Shout-out to Grace who is the best mum I know, Tianna is so very lucky to have you!



  1. i love you! can't wait to see you ;) xoxo

  2. Awwwwww... YOUR MOM ROCKS!she sounds like the type of mom I've admired growing up, and sounds a bit like me I'm a big nerd with Tianna! I love it! It brigs out the kid in me and you have to admit a house filled with fun is a house filled with love! And your mom has an amazing Daughter!
    HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY Meryl's Mom xox

  3. I quite agree with the last post - i do have an amazing daughter, that i love to pieces....'live long and prosper'! Thanks for your good wishes, and to my fabulous daughter, you forgot to mention i cry at everything cute i read! (sob!) xoxoxo