Monday, May 17, 2010

Peanut Butter Blog

So this blog topic was a suggestion by my friend Michele, well she was talking about how if she started a blog she would be worried she would end up blogging about peanut butter, but my brain didn't process that information correctly and I though what a great topic for a blog, Peanut Butter.

Essentially as soon as I heard the words peanut butter I though of the good old fashioned crunchy vs smooth debate, and to be honest I am a firm believer that crunchy is just so much better. Here in North America there are a hundred million types of peanut butter to choose from, but Kraft kind of dominate the market. Ironically I have bashed Kraft many times before in this blog, well they did steal cadburys from the British, not a concept we are massively familiar with.

Anyway, to try and help what they must assume is an idiot market they have different colour lids for the different types of peanut butter. Unfortunately although we all understand this system it seems that everyone knows one of them taste bad, but no-one can ever remember which one it is. I am pretty sure it is the blue lid one myself, but seeing as I am a strict crunchy peanut buyer I've never had to be too invested in the peanut butter code system. I have cracked it wide open and use the incredible new system of reading the label.

Another new discovery since I moved to Canada was the peanut butter and jam sandwich, or more American-ly, peanut butter and jelly (yeah I know?!). It is bloody delicious. I shouldn't like it, my brain knows that, but it can't seem to get the message to my tongue. It is sweet and salty, it just manages to work even though it shouldn't. The same logic lies behind peanut butter and apple, it is so wrong yet so right.

My final disgusting treat of the day is cream cheese and jam sandwiches. I must have been twenty years old when I first had one and it was pretty much forced upon me by a friend, but I conceded it is also delicious. It is weird and not normal, but truly scrumptious. Before you ask, yes I am ashamed of myself, today's blog feels more like a confessionary than a blog entry, but I dare you try one and not like it, literally i'll double dare you if I have to

Ok, welcome to monday universal readers, hope it's not to terrible!

hugs and kisses Meryl x


  1. You may show loyality to the CHUNKY Peanut butter (RED) and I understand that, but try the Yellow... as you suggested above I don't know the actaul title or flavor of 'yellow', but it is good and if you're going to write about peanut butter you NEED to try the best Kraft has to offer. The best peanut butter is in fact Peter Pan Peanut Butter, but it hasn't made its way North yet... Mmm... I am going to go schmear peanut butter all over my toast!

    Keep writing... love it!

  2. hey esqueishness,

    I love this message!!! i will definitely try yellow, you are right what kind of researcher am I if i don't test all the flavours?! I've heard good things about peter pan butter and when I was looking for pictures for the blog it kept popping up, I will keep an eye out for you and let you know!

    Enjoy your pb and toast x