Tuesday, May 25, 2010

and then it Ends...

So welcome back from the long weekend peoples. I hope you all enjoyed the sunshine, the fireworks, and hopefully the drinking. I had a great weekend, and am less snow white coloured than I normally am, which will confuse the dwarfs but is making me fairly happy. 

Lets cut right to it shall we, Lost ended. Six years, hundreds of plot twists, a multitude of character deaths, and an empty coffin. It was sad. Like many losties, I'm unsure of how to feel about this last episode. I was convinced I would have pages to write on todays blog discussing all the crazy expose moments and final conclusions one could draw but I don't. It ended well, truly it did, it was sad and heartbreaking but also joyful and sweet. When Sun and Jin remembered it was pretty special, and when Jack jumped into the air to knock down the man in black my heart fluttered, but was it the ending I had dreamt of? I can't imagine any alternative way of ending Lost so it's not like I have a handy comparison I can use to measure whether it ended well or not. Everything was tied up, the flash side-ways were explained, and the show stayed true to the characters beautifully.

They had a close up of Jack's eye closing right at the end, and the juxtaposition from the beginning of the series with Jack's eye opening really made you feel they were telling you the very end of a well woven story. They showed Rose and Bernard, something I think we had all been hoping for, and they even kept Sayid and Nadia apart because they were doomed right from the start.

I have to watch it again, there were so many references I must have missed, and so many easter eggs I'm bound to find. It is a weird feeling when something ends, you really shouldn't have any emotional reaction to it, it is after all a television show, but you do. There is a strange end of an era feel about it, these are characters you put time into, and a storyline you enjoyed watching unfold. It feels a little like when you are a child and someone reads you a story. You lie there quietly listening to an incredibly fantastical story, wondering where on earth it could go next. When it is done, and that final page is turned over, an overwhelming sense of sleepiness washes over you, you pull the duvet up to you neck, turn over, and go to sleep.

I think the word I am looking for is closure. The final episode of Lost wasn't incredibly significant, it didn't blow my mind with unexpected answers, but it did give me closure. I did understand that this was the end that nothing else would be explained or would be contradicted and really when it comes down to it, what more could you ask for in a series finale?

I do wish I had got a lost cake though, I put a picture of one up on this entry but there were a tonne to pick from. This was the other one I was contemplating putting up, it's funny eh?

Yum Cake....Happy Tuesday

Meryl xxx

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