Tuesday, May 18, 2010

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Oh what a surprise Meryl is talking about Doctor Who again. I wonder if there is actually some sort of support group for people that like Doctor Who too much, I wouldn't join it anyway, if being in love with the Doctor is a sickness I'm not looking for a cure.

As any of you who read this blog know, I have not been able to watch Doctor Who for two weeks because I have no computer. For ages I mused on how terrible a situation this was, but this weekend I got to watch two back to back episodes and for a short moment I wondered how terrible it would be to let the show run ahead so I never had to wait a week to find out what happened. Obviously as soon as those episodes ended I realized this was a terrible idea and there was no way I'd be missing another episode unless tiny aliens invaded our water system getting inside our bodies and killing us from the inside out. An unlikely turn of events, I'm assuming.

This series of Doctor Who is a little darker than the previous ones, and of course they can do that because they know this is their last doctor. It is weird to think that the show has been running for so very long. Of course it had a massive gap in the middle, but the British public accepted it back with open arms, and like most of them, it has been fun to watch the show as both an adult and a child. The daleks, of course, are one of the scariest sci-fi monsters ever created, but when you were little this was because they were metallic and spoke weird. Now as an adult it is their rational that is scary, they have no emotions at all and are determined to erase everything in their path. As an added bonus they can now fly, eradicating jokes about defeating daleks simply by running up a flight of stairs.

I remember the first time I saw what lives inside a Dalek during an especially scary episode of Doctor Who and I don't think the image has left me. It reminds me of when I was younger and my mum took me and my brother to a museum. At the very end they had a life sized darlek that you could climb into, and my brother was so freaked out he wouldn't even go near it.

Doctor Who still manages to have its hide behind the sofa moments, and although that is no longer my favorite course of action I have found myself turning the lights on during certain episodes. It is funny and exciting and ridiculous all at the same time and manages to pander to a hugely varied audience of ranging ages. Most importantly it is driven by imagination, the stories are magical and spectacular including story lines about star whales that save humanity and police boxes that can travel through space and time. So yes, I'm a complete nerd or geek or loser but for one hour a week I get to be little again and imagine that out there is a huge galaxy of planets populated by weird and wonderful species just waiting to be discovered

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