Thursday, May 6, 2010

General Election Blog

So today is general election day for the British peoples. It may not be an obama-style event but its pretty exciting because it is pretty close. Politics in England is actually really fun, people are committed to their parties and for the most part the English are prepared to speak out against them if they think they are screwing up. Gordon Brown has already been described as the 'worst prime minister ever' but I think people are just saying that because Thatcher is going to die soon and making jokes about her would be inappropriate. They should just go all south park on her arse and make 'too-soon' jokes.

On a lighter topic, I didn't wear a jacket today, I thought today would be day 1 of not wearing a jacket, but now it is freezing cold and apparently it is going to rain. Really when I took the umbrella out of my bag I should have realized this act would be relayed to a satellite device, which would beam the information across to a tiny man whose job it is to burst clouds. It is one of those Murphy's law thing-a-ma-jigs, it sounds so cliche, but it does seem to rain the minute I take my umbrella out of my bag. There is also never a cab when you really need one. Oh and someone is always around when you need to pee behind a bush. This Murphy, sounds like he was really onto something. His life must have sucked.

America's next top model was good yesterday, thankfully Raina is still with us. It was nowhere near as good as lost on Tuesday, it was a super emotional episode marred only by my roommate chanting, 'are you going to cry' at me through the second half. He's such a compassionate soul. To be fair it was the only thing keeping me from having a little bit of an emotional moment, damn those lost writers they know how to get ya.

OK, love to you all my beauties.

Special hello to Zina, who should be working very hard so she can become a pip pip person... hugs and kisses Meryl x


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