Monday, May 31, 2010

Eddie Izzard

So as I mentioned on Friday I was off to see Eddie Izzard's new stand-up called Stripped. He was hilarious, truly, truly hilarious. He is so quick and crazy that it takes some serious keeping up to understand what he is talking about, but if you let him take you down the path you end up in a beautiful hilarious garden of funniness.

His last couple of tours didn't receive the best of reviews so I think most people weren't sure as to whether he would be back on form, but I would highly suggest you go check him out. He is playing again at Massey Hall tonight and I will add a link to the site in case you want to get tickets.

The entire show was based around the history of the world. It was kind of a creationist vs scientist based show and if you are of the religious persuasion I would suggest sitting this one out. Luckily for me I happen not to be, and enjoyed the show tremendously, I found myself laughing very hard through most of it. I have to admit my favorite part was when the audience groaned at one of his jokes and he looked out into the audience and said 'Toronto, Fuck off'.

I think I admire him because he is so quick, he manages to wrangle everything he says together no matter how out there his opening statements tend to be. When he pantomimed a sharks vs jets, west side story style dance-off between flying fish and birds I realized perhaps being a complete maniac wasn't such a bad thing, and had to re-evaluate where I fall on the crazy person chart. I've been told I'm an 8, but if Eddie Izzard is a 10 I am definitely sliding down the scale.

Eddie Izzard has always been funny, one only has to mention the words Cake or Death to have die hard fans giggling themselves silly. For those of you who don't know Cake or Death, first, shame on you, and second here is a way to catch up

No...I'm waiting for you to go watch it before you continue reading

I'm right about him being funny aren't I? Yes, yes I am

Happy Monday to all of you...

Meryl xxx

Massey Hall tickets for tonight:

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