Friday, May 14, 2010

50th Blog

So for the last two weeks I have had this great idea, that when I reach my 50th Blog post of 2010 I would do a special 50th Blog edition. Unfortunately my last post was blog entry number 50 and I didn't even realize until today. So I've decided to flip convention the V's and do my 50th Blog Special on my 51st Blog entry.

So for today's very special 50th edition, I am going to give you 50 amazing facts about life, the universe and everything.

1. I stole that last line from Douglas Adams, I am in essence a word thief
2. Right Handed people tend to chew their food on the right side of their mouth
3. Honey is one of the easiest foods to digest because it has already been digested by bees
4. Knowing the above honey fact has never put me off eating honey
5. Triangles are the best of all the shapes.
6. I like the word Eagle, and yet I don't know why
7. Determination is just another word for success
8. Red and Purple candies are always the best ones
9. Jaffa Cakes were actually the subject of a legal debate to determine if they were in fact biscuits and not cakes.
10. I think they are biscuits
11. They taste really good with tea
12. I once ate a whole tube of Jaffa cakes on a plane ride home from England when I was infact planning on giving them out to my Canadian friends so they could try them
13. Coming up with 50 facts is harder than one might think
14. I had 15 different people tell me how much they also hate George Stroumboulopoulos after my last blog entry
15. This made me feel better because I was worried I'd been a little harsh
16. I wasn't actually worried I'd been a little harsh, I just imagined a better person would be worried so mimiced that emotion
17. When you blush the lining of your stomach also turns red.
18. My favorite colour is blue, or more specifically light blue.
19. Late at night I listen to the New Classical 96.3 because Meridith Lightstone has the best voice of anyone ever.
20. Stand up comedy is objectively the best thing in the world.
21. Obviously that is really subjective
22. My friends are my family, and I'm very lucky to have them.
23. The average person laughs 13 times a day
24. Taking a ruler to school with you makes you look smarter.
25. Women Blink nearly twice as much as men.
26. No matter how many times I am told, I can't seem to remember to turn the water lines off at work in the evening.
27. I have broken four computers in three years. For some reason the more I love technology the more it tries to hurt me.
28. The best game to play on the train is 'can I make you look behind you'. If you ever catch me doing it, tell me it is mean.
29. It isn't mean, it is hilarious.
30. It takes four people looking up at the sky to cause the next person who walks by to look up also.
31. I discovered this with a group of my psychology buddies and it was one of my favorite studies we ever did.
32. I hate pigeons, if I was god I would wipe 'em out.
33. I still haven't watched last weeks Doctor Who, and have mentioned it in every subsequent blog since it came out.
34. I can't believe I am only on number 34, I'm starting to think I've only got 40 facts in me
35. Frisky Dingo is one of the best animated series ever made ever.
36. Today in the news there was a woman who made a pass at Obama, if she was here I would definitely high five her.
37. Today my co-worker said 'I always finish early', and I said 'I've heard that about you', and someone double high fived me.
38. Double high fives are at least twice as good as regular high fives
39. I've changed my mind, my favorite colour is green
40. The human mind can remember 5 to 7 things at a time before they are wiped from Short Term Memory
41. My favorite word in mellifluous
42. My favorite french word is parapluie

43. Oscar Wilde is one of the funniest people that ever lived
44. I actually really like Bingo, even if it is an 'old people's game'
45. I started writing a blog as a great way to showcase my writing, but now I love doing it because it is fun.
46. I cannot believe I still am not at 50, I'm full of useless information but apparently I've gone blank.
47. My new favorite drink is blueberry vodka and seven, it was discovered by Jen by accident at a bar in Eglington.
48. It is our equivalent of a flaming moe
49. I really appreciate everyone that reads this blog, and any of you still reading through to 50 have just earned an extra special place in my heart.
50. This extra space in my heart includes utilities but there is no internet provided I however, heard there is unlocked wireless all over the shop

God that was difficult, but I have a lovely warm 'job-well-done' glow about me now. I hope you are all having a fabulous Friday, and that your weekend plans include lots of getting up no good.

If you can't be good at least be safe

all my love meryl xxxx