Friday, May 28, 2010


Alphaghetti is actually more delicious than it is given credit for, but anything edible shaped like letters seems to have a bad rep. In honour of Alphaghetti and the fact I am going to see Eddie Izzard on Sunday night this blog will be an alphabetical list of my favorite stand up comedians.

Beginning with:

A...Alan Carr / Alan Cochrane / Simon Amstell
B...Bill Bailey / Rob Brydon
C...David Cross
D...Dylan Moran / Dawn French
E...Eddie Izzard / Ed Byrn
F...Frankie Boyle / Nick Frost
G...Ricky Gervais
H...Russell Howard
I...Robin Ince
J...Jack Dee / Justin Lee Collins
K...Louis CK
L...Lee Evans / Mark Lamarr
M...Michael McIntyre / David Mitchell
N...Noel Fielding / Nick Swardson
O...Omid Djalli
P... Peter Kay
Q...Carolin Quentin
R...Ross Nobel / Russell Brand / Ricky Gervais
S...Sean Lock/ Sue Perkins / Jerry Seinfeld
T...Tina Fey
V...Vic Reeves
W...Robin Williams / Robert Webb
X...Really X?
Y...Gina Yashere
Z...Alex Zane

OK so this got way out of hand, apparently I don't understand the concept of one comedian per letter, it's a distribution thing, they all seem to start with the same letters. Truth be told I've watched a lot of stand up, it is one of my favorite things in the whole world! Making other people laugh for a living must be the best job in existence, not for the money, well, unless you are Ricky Gervais and can turn down a million dollar gig in Hong Kong, but just because you are spreading happiness and good energy.

Talking of happiness and good energy, my computer is fixed, which means this will be the last blog I have to type up on my phone, god these keys are tiny. A big thankyou to Rick who fixed it for me, you are my computer hero! :)

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend sunshine babies

meryl x

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