Tuesday, April 13, 2010

You spin me right round baby right round.

If you like the feeling of your internal organs trying their very best to burst out through your skin then you'd probably love spinning.  Or perhaps you like to pedal really fast without worrying about cars, either way it is a mad thing to do. Knowing it would be a room full of sweaty people,riding bicycles that aren't about to go anywhere, with the lights off, I still found myself getting ready for 50 minutes of agony at adrenaline gym on a Monday night.

I'm a convert, seriously, I hated it so much I actually kind of loved it. Spinning is a cardio workout fueled by crack, and it made my heart beat faster than a twilight fan bumping into Robert Pattinson in a moonlit medow. I haven't been in the gym for a long time anyway, and I thought seeing as I've gone all sugar cleanse-y I should start getting fit and healthy too.

It is day two of my sugar cleanse and it's going well, I have a bit of a headache but in general I'm feeling pretty energized. I went home yesterday and there was a massive cheese cake that my roommate made. I know this sounds mental but I think it actually winked at me, it gave me the 'you know you want a little bit of me' wink and it took all my willpower to eat a tuna salad instead. I just pretended it was cheese cake, which obviously didn't work, primarily because it was in fact a tuna salad.

So it is important to eat healthy and exercise, my only gripe is that it is very expensive to do both. I am starting to feel as if the government is making it harder to eat good food. What this has lead to me doing is measuring things in alcohol. It is a terrible habit I've picked up, but it is essentially when the price of something only has meaning in relevance to the price of booze. To give you an example, a membership at the gym is going to be 40 dollars a month, which is equivalent to a large bottle of Canadian Club or four bottles of cheap wine.
It's not that I'm an alcoholic, although I do like a drink. It's just that we are very frivolous when it comes to buying copious amounts of booze on a weekend, and it helps me put into perspective how little an amount it is to spend going to the gym to improve my health.

I like to call it alcho-math. No I don't, it didn't have a name until just that moment. I'm actually on a role today, my co-worker Dave was talking to another co-worker Michael and in the middle of the conversation Dave said something along the lines of 'I know who you need to call'. Anyway, I immediately chimed in and asked 'is it ghostbusters?' followed of course by singing the ghostbusters theme tune. yeah that's comedy gold that is. Well, comedy silver at least

Hare Krishna to all of you xxxx

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  1. good for you my darling! keep with it! bahahaha i LOVE this blog - have i mentioned that before? well i DO! xoxoxo and you!