Friday, April 16, 2010

Micro Pigs

Even my roommate who possesses enough cynicism in his heart to run a small country fell pray to how cute micro pigs are. They are so damn cute, I would sell my sister down the river to procure one. (sorry roo)

Pigs are actually super smart, and although dogs are the traditional lap pet, I have a feel micro pigs are about to take the crown. I know there are a lot of people who say that keeping a pig as a pet is a very bad idea, that it is cruel, and I'm sort of with them. I read Charlotte's web when I was very little and have always been under the impression pigs should be living in places where there are mud puddles around and spiders to talk to. I could also be talked out of getting a micro pig because I have a real problem with babe, you know from the movie. If you know me you probably know this is usually where I go on a rant about how babe was essentially a lying, manipulative little pig, but I'm trying to keep some of the crazy under wraps so i'll skip it for now. Stupid Babe.

Talking of farm animals I actually have a friend who is afraid of cows, like proper afraid. Poor Sian, I think it all started in a field somewhere after she was chased by a bunch of them. She is also afraid of mushrooms, which is making me laugh all over again just as I type it. I'll never forget she came out for dinner with me and my parents when I was little and ordered a veggie burger. When she opened it up, there was this massive mushroom inside. Oh my, her face was priceless, she didn't want to scream because it wasn't just the two of us, but she looked like she was about to. She grabbed her knife and fork, and using them like chopsticks extracted the mushroom from the bun, I think I may have wet myself trying not to laugh.
Sian is my traveling friend, I've talked about her before in this blog, mostly to admit to large amounts of jealousy I feel when she travels to the most amazing destinations. Unfortunately she got into a bit of a pickle tubing the other day and had to go to the hospital for her foot. She described it to me in graphic detail by e-mail and after I was done throwing up I e-mailed her back to wish her better. I really hope you are feeling much better baby girl I miss you lots!!

Last night I couldn't sleep, so I went into the living room and watched the Daily Show and most of the Colbert Report. They really are hilarious, political humour is just so very funny! Still it is important to remember the only reason these shows exist is because the politics in America is a little mental. I wanted to share a clip of one of my favorite comedians Dylan Moran,  this is his take on Barack Obama

He is so funny, if you like him you should also check out his sitcom Black Books, it's old now, but it's brilliant.

Ok hope you lovely peoples are having a great day, and have a great weekend planned

All my love (and goodness there is a lot of it) Meryl xx


  1. i forgot all about that mushroom, so funny!
    but as for the cows...they are big and dangerous animals people, dont go near em!! love you smagel...miss you so much! xxxxx

  2. i must say that as much as i do like micro pigs i would much rather a pig in boots (search google images - pig in boots) think of the fun splashing in puddles and walking through muddy fields you could have with your pig in boots and then you could bring him (or her) home and no mess on the carpet! now that is a pet worth having! x

  3. I like the way you think anonymous, i like the way you think.