Monday, April 19, 2010

Pot Noodle Blog

Why would I blog about Pot Noodle?

That is a really good question. Strangely, I have written on my arm 'Pot Noodle-blog', but I can't for the life of me remember why I wrote it. I am assuming I had a kind-of Pot Noodle related light bulb moment, but I guess in my case it was one of those faulty light-bulbs where the filament is already broken.

Pot Noodle was amazing, It was very late 80s early 90s England, and my mum used to buy them as a treat. I wonder if we knew then how bad food in a cup truly is. Here in canada they have a similar version called a Mr Noodles, a little sexist but a similar concept. It doesn't taste the same though, it tastes a little healthier. It's funny, Pot Noodle totally embraced its non healthy status and started a commercial campaign suggesting that even though you knew it was bad for you it tasted so good you couldn't help yourself.

Its ballsy attitude towards the public must have made it more popular, it became funny to have a pot noodle, especially if you had been plastered just before consumption. Even now I could polish off a pot noodle no problem, aware of the ridiculous amount of chemicals and salt I'd be digesting.

Considering that I have no idea why I wanted to write a pot noodle blog, the last couple of paragraphs were incredibly easy to write.  Maybe the concept has been rattling around up there for a while and my subconscious was desperate to get it out. It could also be that I got pretty bladdered Saturday night, which was the fault of my friends, the cheap price of booze, and the unbelievable alcohol to soda ratios they were pouring the drinks at. Pot noodle would have been a logical next step once I had reached that level of drunk.

This weekend I also go to see Kick Ass, and to dive into the cheesy pun that's on everybody's lips, the film really did kick ass. I have never wanted to be a super-hero more than I did during the film. I wanted to fight crime, kick people's arses and re-lode my guns mid air. I also wanted rubber boots, rubber gloves a belt with my superhero name on it and a jet pack. The film is hilarious, I loved it, I would give it 5 stars, screw it I'd give it 6. It's going to be massive so see it now and you'll get to gloat about it when it's all popular. The other cool thing about the film is nearly all of it is filmed in Toronto. I was sitting in paramount theater watching the people in Kick Ass going to the cinema, and low and behold they were walking into the very same place. Everybody in the theater was mumbling it was kind of surreal.

So I hope everyone had a great weekend, and you enjoyed the beautiful weather we had on Sunday, I'm sending all my good wishes and happiness to all of you...except a little bit that I want to keep for myself

xxx Meryl xxx


  1. Pot Noodles eh... We have gone from micro pigs, to pigs in boots and now to pot noodles. I am not sure what this blog is coming to quite frankly. Did you know, I have never had a pot noodle! A kosher version yes but I imagine a chicken soup pot noodle is not the same as extra hot blow your pants off it tastes nice because your drunk beef flavour. Anyhoo... Kick Ass does exactly what it says on the tin and for once us over here - yes us under the volcanic ash cloud - got to see it before you lot out west. Until next time.


  2. they need pot noodles in canada and usa