Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thermometer Hand

So an old friend of mine, who will remain anonymous (for now) was commenting that my blog is a little all over the place topically. He is right, but I like that about it. More often than not I write about things that have come up during the previous day, or have featured in conversations during the week, and so in a very life-creating-art kind of way this blog is representative of the best things in life being both random and unplanned. Ok so yes I do have the attention span of a mentally deficient gold fish, which may explain part of the diverse array of topics covered, but his big suggestion for today's blog was to call it 'witty banter' so really I think I still reign supreme when it comes to the bloggywog.

Which brings me to today's topic - thermometer hand.

Yes, I realize even for me this is a weird topic, but my lovely co-worker told me the sweetest story yesterday and I had to share it with the world. When he was little and he used to get sick, his dad, like most dads, would place a hand on his head to check for his temperature. Now unlike the rest of us who understood this was an easy, but not hugely accurate, way to see if you had a fever, my co-worker believed his dad had a go-go gadget style thermometer embedded in his hand. It's so sweet, and kind of clever, and I immediately starting debating the pro's and con's of such an invention. It would mean that when you stuck your finger into coffee you'd truly know if it was too hot to drink, or if you wanted to see if the ocean was really cold you could get an exact reading. To be honest with you that's about all the uses I can think of, which gives me the feeling Apple aren't going to start working on a prototype anytime soon.

I really can't think of other uses for thermometer hand, but hey in the spirit of interactive technology why not tell me all the things you could use thermometer hand for in the comments box. - If you are wondering if this is a trick to get you to comment, then yes it is. If you aren't going to do it for me, then do it for thermometer hand.

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  1. there is one flaw to thermometer hand. that is if you stick your hand into a cup of coffee that is boiling hot surely you will hurt your hand? unless thermometer hand was not actually your hand but something attached to your hand. but if this was the case then instead of paying for thermometer hand surely you would just buy a thermometer and stick it in your coffee. the only problem with that would be that if you stuck your thermometer in the sea you wouldnt then really want to stick it in your coffee. i somehow think thermometer hand is doomed to failure. with regards to the blog being all over the place i agree. it is a tad neither here nor there maybe stick to one topic in blog entry. but lets be honest that hasnt happened so far so we wont hold our breath.

  2. mr annonymous, I would like to thankyou for your honest and very analytical analysis of my blog...which just like thermometer hand you can shove up your arse...hope your injury is getting better, huggles x

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