Wednesday, April 7, 2010

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Let me start this post by telling you that yesterday I saw an old woman feeding chesezies to a squirrel, and he was absolutely loving it, running up his tree and down again to get more. Who knew squirrels were so into chips? (or crisps) maybe there is a whole seedy underground crisp scene in the squirrel world, it would explain why most of the squirrels in the city look like they are on crack.

I was actually walking with my friend Grace back to her car when we saw the woman in question, she was in one of those wheelchairs for old people that are actually more similar to a go kart. All I'm saying is, if I saw one parked on the street I would be tempted to hotwire it and take it for a spin. Don't kid yourself, you'd want to as well.  It's funny because when she saw us, she hid the packet away, like she was doing something wrong. Hmm am going to keep my eye on all old people, have a sneaking suspicion they are up to something.

I am concerned that my blog had become a little too squirrel-centric, so thought I would change the subject to technology. The nice thing about this topic is that people seem pretty passionate about where they stand on new technology. Some people (like myself) are very excited by new technology, see everything as progression and find robots 'wicked cool'. Others are of the 'technology is eating our brains' camp and of course many people's opinions lie in between.

In terms of robots, today I got excited because of a clip I saw about a Robot that can fold towels, I am going to link to it in this blog. Now I realize that the problems encountered in I-Robot were not of the towel folding variety but I am definitely getting a 'this is the beginning of it all' feeling when I watch this clip.

Although the robot folds the towels in a very mechanical way, the way s/he smooths them out before stacking them feels very human. It is amazing to think it was all the way back in 1495 that Leonard De Vinci very first designed a robot refering to it as a humanoid automaton, and here we are today with China bringing out a robot that can break dance.

It just feels like with the exponential speed that technology is changing in the next ten years things are going to go bonkers. Maybe I'll be blogging  inside my new space-house, from my space-computer operated by a space robot. Yeah but again maybe I won't. I do know that by then I will have an iPad. They are seriously cool, I tried really hard to avoid the hype, but I had a go on one, and in all seriousness, it's amazing. I even found myself cradling it in my arm like a new born baby, and they probably make an app for just that anyway.

I do like old school technology too, when I was on holiday I saw a guy selling plastic flowers that dance when you turn music on and if that doesn't make you smile then perhaps you are in the presence of a dementor who has sucked all the happiness from you, or your life is just devoid of sunshine

Love and hugs to all.

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