Thursday, April 15, 2010


Today will only be a mini blog - or a blogette, which makes me think of baguettes, which makes me a little hungry.

I thought I would share with you some cool sites, places on the old internet I like to hang out - it is weird when people 'hang out' on the internet.

Anyway here is a top five style list

1. - not only does she make the most amazing things, she has stuff on there that even a baking idiot (like myself) can handle. A lot of you will recognize the chocolate truffles that I bring everytime I am supposed to contribute to a pot luck.
Ironically last night I was watching America's Next Top Model with the girls and Jen and Michelle launched into some proper baking trash talk. They were all like 'you think you know about apple pie with crumbly top but you have no idea' it was way better than regular trash talk

2. - Hilarious cake mistakes, and every Sunday they switch it up and show the most beautiful cakes I've ever seen

3. - There is nothing funnier than people falling over, or signs that don't make sense...if you are looking for a giggle check it out.

4. - So yes, it is an obvious one, but what can't google do. I need a definition, a correct spelling, a picture or even a website, google has it going on. The also provide the advertisements down the side of my blog, and I've mentioned numerous times how much they amuse me. My only gripe with google is that it has become a conversation stopper, people no longer debate and compromise on topics of discussion. Everything seems to end with 'let's google it'

5. - This is actually my homepage. It's hugely useful to have the news up when I open up my internet browser as it gives me ideas for my blog. The site also has a section called 'in pictures' which has some of the most beautiful images I have ever seen. The BBC site links out to their radio stations, TV channels, sports and a hundred other things so it's a great place to check out whats on the up and coming in terms of new shows etc. It keeps me on my toes in terms of script writing, one day maybe I'll be on the website.

This list could go on forever, but I think essentially the rest are on the top ten sites visited in the world. Sites like Perezhilton, Lainey gossip, facebook etc. My only other internet surfing tends to be reading peoples blogs and I'm lucky enough to have very talented friends whose writing makes me laugh and keeps me up to date with what they are doing.

If you have any suggestions of websites you really like please leave them in the comments, I'm always looking for fun new places with interesting articles or artwork! Or if you have a friend with a great blog, leave that for me to, wow I've become demanding, I didn't even say please. That's just how I roll yo, - lol

Ok must dash, love to all of you...hugs and kisses meryl x

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  1. I've always liked: and I think the last one is british, so you are obligated to like it. Also, and