Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Beer Bistro Blog

This may be my new favorite place in the city. I'm not a food critic or a beer connoisseur, but I have eaten my fair share of food and have drank a couple people's share of beer, so I feel a review won't make me look like too much of a pompous arsehole right?

To start off I'm not going to review the food, it was good. It was very yummy, the end. What I am going to do is talk about the beer. Now they do a very clever thing down at the Beer Bistro, they let you have three mini beers off the menu rather than just one big one, which to be honest is the reason I decided to go. What I did learn was that this mini beer combo is called a flute. Or was it a flight? I think it was...maybe it wasn't, hmm...ok so I guess I didn't learn anything.

The three beers I tasted were:

1. Weihenslephaner Hefe Weissbier - From Germany (Which I nicknamed Fefershnefer)

2. Durham Hop Addict - From Ontario

3. Leffe Brune - From Belgium.

The Weihenslephaner Hefe Weissbier (try saying that three times fast) was definitely my favorite. It is described as 'A wheat beer that is light and fruity with notes of banana and clove'. It was really light and coloured like honey. It would be amazingly delicious on a hot day during the summer, I couldn't get enough of it!

Ranking 2nd on my favorite tiny beer list was the Leffe Brune. It tasted like figs, and if you don't like figs then I can't imagine how you could possibly be enjoying life in any real capacity. It was a dark bitter beer but the figs made it taste really fresh and fruity. I gulped it down pretty quick.

Third was the Durham Hop Addict. Maybe because I am not a Hop addict this didn't appeal to me. It was supposed to taste like grapefruit, which I'm not really a fan of anyway, but it tasted like an orange peel mixed beer. Despite it being my least favorite it really wasn't a chore to finish it, the waitress really had made some excellent suggestions.

That's why the beer bistro is so great, the staff are really into it. They know everything about the beer and the wine list. They are quick to recommend something to go with your meal and will tell you the history, and where you can get it from in the city. You are likely to forget everything you learned because you are about to get drunk, but just for a minute you imagine you could have a deep and meaningful beer conversation with someone in the future. The staff are self professed nerds, suggesting the more you learn about beer the more you seem to want to know. Just having someone take the time to find beers you might like is cool, and my dad, who very kindly took me for dinner, also ordered a flight so we had six mini beers to taste over dinner.

I only really went to the beer bistro after a recommendation from my friend Jen, and now I'm the first to recommend it to you, it's really fun and you'll have a great time. So go on, do it, all the cool kids are.

Peace and Love
Meryl xx

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