Monday, April 12, 2010

Sugary Sweet

So today I have started at 21 day sugar cleanse, I'm trying to get my insulin back in whack. I love sweet things, with my whole heart. If stealing candy from babies didn't have the negative connotations it's known for, I'd be doing it left right and centre. Well until today.

It's actually going fine so far, I'm not craving anything sweet as yet. I have always found if I have a, low sugar/high protein breakfast and lunch I get less tired in the afternoon, and unsurprisingly that's where I'm at right now. I do have a feeling that tomorrow I will start having daydreams of giant donuts you can sit on, and cookies that sail you across chocolate milk rivers, but if nothing else it will provide good blog material.

Today is also the birthday of my very own roommate.  Happy Birthday Michael! Although that is a waste of time as he refuses to read my blog point blank. He says listening to me is a constant blog so he doesn't have the energy to read the internet you can see we are very close.

No I'm just kidding I absolutely adore him, and deep (deep) down I know he loves me too. I hope this year brings him success, happiness and lots of money, like lots and lots of it.  His birthday being today means not only did we go out last night and get smashed, but Kate is in town. Kate is about to become a nurse, which is super useful if I get sick. She is also wicked funny, and due to popular demand is starting a website with some of the quips she usually saves for facebook. I will post the link as soon as it is up and running.

I just realized how ironic it is that I pledged this blog over to chocolate related news and now I'm not even allowed to eat any! I guess me not eating chocolate is some sort of news....some sort of news? news about chocolate?..I'm sensing this could be considered a paragraph containing chocolate news. Look at that... ever the journalist.


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