Thursday, April 8, 2010

It only ends once....

So Lost is continuing to blow my mind, and today I went on a forum to see what other people are saying about it, and it's good to know there are even bigger losers than myself out there.

Now I'm a devotee. I've been watching lost since the beginning and am more than happy to stick with it until the end, and as Jacob continues to say, it only ends once. I'm also a bit of a non-lost sympathizer because I get how completely ridiculous the series must seem if you just started tuning in now. I do however think it is one of those shows that is worth the effort. Lost is a show you've got to put work and thought into, not only do they slip in a hundred million references to past episodes, they lay traps for you to fall into making you second-guess every guess you actually make. It's fun really, to take a stab at what you think will happen and watch it crumble once the new episode is released.

Series 4 and 5 of Lost were a slight let down, still excellent but a little frustrating. I think for a second people were unsure if the writers knew where they were going, but this latest series has more than made up for it. It is as if the entire six series were planned at the start, and there have been more twists and turns than a helter-skelter on Blackpool beach. The writing has been fierce, and the storyline immense, but there is this overshadowing worry that it may all go nowhere. What is so great about Lost is that you feel as if you are on the verge of understanding everything. You put all the stuff you don't understand in a box and trust that eventually every one of those items will become a 'kick-yourself' clue to the final conclusion. This does however mean that if the final reveal is not satisfactory it's going to be a let-down of gargantuan measure.

I don't really want to go into too much detail, as people get pretty upset about spoilers if they haven't watched the episode. Plus I've got friends who are desperately trying to catch up to the current episodes before it all ends. I will say that side flashes are amazing, and this most recent episode about Desmond has got to be my favorite. Plus Charlie was back, which made my week, he was always my favorite. I really hope it keeps being amazing, but I guess we'll just have to see.

To jump into a completely different topic, I went to see the Ryerson Fashion Show last night. Or the 'Mass Exodus: In Bloom' as they've named it this year. It was good, it was actually really good, the clothes were beautiful and the music was awesome. There is another show tonight and tomorrow, and I would recommend it highly to anyone that didn't get their fix during Toronto's LG Fashion Week. 

I also got completely soaked because in a Noah's ark type fashion it hasn't stopped raining all bloody day. It rained all day yesterday as well and I certainly didn't look as fashion savy as I had hoped when I arrived at the show. Maybe I will go all winnie-the-pooh on the situation and float my way home on an upside down umbrella.

Hugs and Kisses

Meryl xx

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