Sunday, December 27, 2009

Blackberry , Avatar and Christmas or BAC for short

It could be that my absence for the last three days is due to the time I devoted to helping the underprivileged or it could be attributed to the secret mission I was sent on to retrieve a vital piece of technology that could or could not affect the future of the stock market.

But it isn't.

Like most of us I spent the last three days eating anything that came on a plate, in a box or was arranged nicely in a ceramic dish. Why do we insist on eating so much at Christmas? Its not that I regret the seventeen sausage rolls I ate, no way I'd do it again if time were reversed, I was just wondering why everyone does it.
This time I have an answer. As magical as Christmas is, its a little bit boring. First there is the anti-climax, three months of pre-christmas music and advertising, and once it's here its gone. Then there is the magnanimous amount of crap they put on television. This year someone obviously decided the people needed more star wars and although it was enjoyable to watch every episode created it didn't give me the Christmas cheer that I was looking for. To much ewock and not enough elf related humor. Something to think about for next year me thinks

So with the crap television, Christmas being over and the whole family being off work, there are two main choices. Go to the mall or sit and eat another sausage roll. I should take a moment to point out that canadians are much better at family time, in fact I've been to parties where they stick notes to their heads and all guess who eachother are, it makes me embarassesed to talk about it, but they seem to really enjoy it.
British families are more inclined to drink tea, so to avoid it off to the mall we went.
It was horrible, they could have been selling unicorns for a dollar and I still would have walked out the mall angry. We stayed less than an hour and went home, where we drank tea and I had two more sausage rolls (for comfort).

The upside to Christmas is presents. Yes that makes me a materialistic wanker but I'm cool with it. This year I got a BLACKBERRY yay!! It does mean none of my family like me anymore but if they want to speak to me they can always pin me. Kidding, of course, but they are getting a little pissed off that my blackberry keeps beeping.
I remembered to turn it off when we went to the cinema, but I can't help myself from treating it like a tamagochi that needs feeding every few hours, and by can't help myself I mean don't try to stop myself in any fashion at all.

Ah - the Cinema, or the Theatre as we say in Canada. Another viable option for Christmas but not massively different from going to the mall, in fact a lot of theatres are in malls anyway. But we went to see ...AVATAR (I realize I put that in the title of this post, making it hard to create any suspense but still)

It was incredible, the 3D effects are truly outstanding and the story is beautifully sad and carefully told. I have honestly never seen a film like it, and the crazy amount of effort and money that went into the film is apparent. I would recommend going to see it immediately, in fact stop reading this blog head out and watch it and you can read the rest when you get back. But book ahead and go early. We had booked, but had the nerve to only turn up half an hour early. People scoffed when we asked them if seats were free laughing at us as we headed to the front area of the cinema where nobody wants to sit.

My dad said being so close was a plus on this occassion as the 3D effects were amplified, but I think that stems from him being a glass half full kind of person. My mum said the film made her a bit sick, maybe her glass is half empty. The two of them are drinking from glasses filled with crazy anyway so I don't think it matters too much.

Ok i'm off, still have time off work and am enjoying the boredom of not doing anything, plus the sausage rolls are finally all gone so I feel I can now move on with my life. Wonder if there is any chocolate left on the table?


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