Wednesday, December 23, 2009


So is it just me or are children's shows getting really weird?

For the first time, probably ever, I got up when my alarm went off. No snoozing or anything! Amazing right? Which meant I had extra time before I had to leave the house. I had this weird feeling that I had cheated time, and was now living in no-mans land, so to comfort myself I turned on the tele to see what was on.

Now I should preface this by telling you I'm a massive children's television fan, I've learnt more from Arthur the aardvark than any Adult based show on the box. I also used to work in the afternoon to the evening, so I can safely say I've seen a lot of it. Even as a seasoned professional what I watched this morning freaked me right out.

DirtGirl, its an Australian show, and they're pretty good at coming up with stuff for kids, and Dirtgirl is obviously aimed at teaching children about the outdoors. Whats' weird about the show is that it is mostly a cartoon but they have drawn the characters heads big enough to superimpose a real life human mouth onto their faces.

Now I get the concept, it makes the cartoons looks like they are actually talking. However the head to body ratio is so weird, and rather than just keeping the cartoons human they have a grasshopper with a human head stuck on top. Needless to say I was a little confused when I first tuned in. I did watch the full 11 minutes and once the initial uncomfortable-ness had passed I found myself getting into the story.

Ok I have to interupt my own blog because I just went on DirtGirlWorld and there is a box where she tells you the weather and why it is good.
This is literally what it says:

Windy weather is great for flying kites but the kites must wait - it's tomato rescue time.

I can't even think what to write, it definitely doesn't make sense right? Why would you need to rescue tomatos when it's windy? Either I'm missing something or all children are on crack nowadays and this is some sort of crack code you can only solve if you are a child on crack.

Anyways..I'm trying not to indulge my cynical side too much  so I will say the 11 minutes I watched were funny and sweet. Encouraging kids to get outside, grow your own vegetables and take care of this world is an amazing message, and if weirdly shaped talking faces need to be the medium we broadcast through, so be it.

I have posted a picture, and I think it gets across how bizarre these characters look. I am going to go look for a grasshopper picture too, I just feel this is something I need to share, like that video in The Ring. If I share this with you maybe I won't have weird dreams about it tonight.

It is also my last day at work before the holidays, yay!! I'm sure the time today will pass like sand through an hourglass..for these really are the days of our lives 


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