Friday, January 1, 2010

1 of the 1 of the 10

It is the very first day of a brand spanking new year and I am so full of good intention I could give Santa a run for his money.
I do realize that new years resolutions are a waste of everybody's time but it hasn't stopped me from making a hundred million of them and believing all of them shall be put into effect.

New years day puts everyone into a somewhat philosophical mindset. We know it's just another day but the feeling of clean slates and brand new beginnings is enough to make us wonder where in our lives are we? where is it we are hoping to go? This I think it was instilled in us during highschool. I dare anyone to think of a better feeling than starting a new exercise book. The spine is not yet broken, that first piece of rulled paper is clean and white. It is the one time of the year at school I wrote carefully and beautifully, once that first page was turned it was like the pressure was off and everything went back to being less important.

Today is page one of a new exercise book, and everything I do today will set the tone for the year. So what do I do? What do I want from this year?

This year I want everything. Just like Veruca Salt in Charlie's Chocolate Factory, this year I have decided the sky is the limit. As long as I avoid huge white, chocolate egg laying, birds I should have a fantastic year.
2010 for me, is all about putting words into action. I am going to become the proverbial Yes Man doing as much as I can to broaden my horizens and open my mind. I think if this year the government listens to its people, and the people listen to the world around them we could make a massive difference.
In short this year I'm going to try and treat every page of my exercise book as if its the first. I am going to be present for the people around me, and I'm going to take advantage of every opportunity that passes my way.

I plan of course to fit this new reigeme around the hours I spend on the internet. If they could find a way to integrate youtube into the centre of an exercise book they totally will. In fact I'm realizing quite quickly that the exercise book analogy isn't going to last till 2020, maybe the youngans' will feel the same way about that first saved word document of the the year? God I feel old.

So with that I'm off, but don't worry I will be back. Deciding this year I want everything will mean a lot more spec writing and tonne more blogging which I am super excited to do. There will also be far less sausage rolls in 2010, some sausage rolls obviously, but just..less concentrated.

Finally a quick shout out to Hayley and Chris, who both threw AMAZING new years eve parties last night thankyou so much for an amazing evening!

And of course Happy New Year to all of you. I hope this is the year you recieve your invitations to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but if not I hope eveything you wish for 2010 comes true.

Hugs and Cuddles all around xx

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