Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sleet and Snow and Rain Oh My

Being British, talking about the weather is second nature.
Being Canadian, talking about the weather is pretty much a winter sport.

Now that I am a mixture of the two, i find i can whitter away the winter hours talking to anyone and everyone about how terrible the weather is.

As I left my house this morning the outlook wasn't great. It was already raining. By the time I made it to the car it was snowing, and as me and grace drove to work large chunks of slush were pounding the car. As we pulled into the parking lot, a roll of thunder spread around us, and what I can only describe as a gold flash of light swept through the area. Grace screamed, she's not afraid to drive in the snow, but when the lightning struck I swear she was ready to curl in a ball and go to sleep in the car.

Regardless, this morning went well, and that's because of one slight edition to the house of Meryl. RAIN BOOTS!! the last pair of wellies i owned were shaped like green crocodiles and had yellow eyes sticking up from the top of them. They were actually pretty damn cool, but alas they are not sold in adult sizes, so i have ended up with purple check, fake fur lined welly boots!!

Unfortunately Grace was not wearing rain boots, well they were boots, and they were in the rain, but they certainly didn't keep the water out.
I did feel bad for her, even when i was singing my 'my feet are so dry' song and stomping through puddles. I even offered to give her a piggyback ride well until large chunks of ice came cascading down. Nobody likes hail, even snow doesn't like hail.

So the weather sucks, but I'm glad its snowing. Sudden changes in the onset of seasons is a massive reminder that a greener future is a necessity. Small changes in recycling habits, or car pooling like me and grace can have a massive impact on the future of our world.

So, even though it means you'll think i'm a tree hugger, I thought i would add a couple of really easy ways to help reduce your carbon footprint (advice on how to cuddle a tree coming later)

et voilla:

1. Bring lunch to work - how is anyone affording to eat out during the credit crunch anyway?!! not only will you save money, you will reduce the plastic used for take out.
2. pick up litter - I have some friends (you know who you are) who throw litter on the ground, or out the window, or down my top. Contrary to popular belief candy wrappers do not turn into candy trees if you throw them on the grass. Put garbage in the garbage bin!
3. Don’t use the dry cycle on the dishwasher - or wash your own dishes, like those of us who don't have a dishwasher.
4. use the toaster oven instead of turning on the big oven - Ok so i hate our toaster oven really it should only be used for toast. But my roommate does this and overall i think its a pretty easy way to save the planet.
5. bring reusable bags with you when shopping - and by this I mean actually bring them with you. I have about eight hundred billion at home and yet i'm always caught shopping without them. I have started carrying a folded up one in the bottom of my bag. I'm like mother nature in so many ways.

Small changes are amazing, and the impact each of us can have simply by changing our habits is pretty cool, however it is important that we get our voices heard. Huge governmental changes are also important, and letting the government know that it needs to take a hard hitting approach to global warming, and carbon emissions is a must!

If you want to read more about what you can do, or what we can do please visit the following website! Sign the kioto know you want to!


ps: cuddling a tree is easy, is all in the arms really.


  1. That's easily the best crappy weather/environmental blog entry I've ever read. Also the ONLY one, but hey...

    And an additional point for your list:
    6. Turn your car off rather than idling in parking lots, etc. You use more gas in ten seconds than you do re-starting the engine.

  2. haha Grace got her feet wet. btw, are you talking about the purple plaid boots that i emptied your entire drawer into?! wtf are wellies?! they're BOOTS! and i'm offended that you called yourself a halfsie. you are not a halfsie. you're british.
    p.s. even though this is posted anonymous, you better know who this is.