Wednesday, December 16, 2009

People who are better than me

Extreme Make-over: Home Edition.

I have tried to make fun of this show. I have tried to shout sarcastic, bitter comments at the TV just to lessen the ridiculous amount of sadness that emanates from the screen when its on. I can't do it, every time i watch it, without fail, I cry.

It certainly doesn't help that they pick the families with the saddest stories and the biggest hearts. Last night it was about a woman who took care of all the kids in her neighborhood. She also ran a charity that distributed xmas gifts to kids who have nothing. She had blankets and toys everywhere, and would often cook for the families of kids who were too poor to buy food, or had run out of food stamps. Did i mention she was in a wheel chair.

Anyway while i was curled up in a ball sobbing into the duvet, I got thinking about charity work. There are so many amazing people out there who volunteer their time to make other peoples lives better. I recently heard about a doctor, who decided that for the rest of his life he is going to donate half his salary to charities around the world. He was so humble when he talked about his decision to give away so much money. Personally i would have a smug, self satisfied look on face if i was telling the world what an amazing thing i was doing but he was surprisingly sensible. He said that with just half his salary he would be able to save the lives of 3,000 people worldwide, and improve the lives of 10,000 more. It was like he was doing the math and coming to the most logical decision in his life, it made me feel bad, and it made me think.

Another story that always sticks in my mind is about a young guy who ran to the rescue of a girl being raped. Although he was too late to stop the crime, he chased the guy away, took the girl to the hospital and sat with her until her parents came. The police gave him 2000 pounds reward money for his bravery. What did he do with the money? He gave it to the rape victim, and then when they asked him why he didn't keep it he said it could be better used helping rebuild the young girl's life so she could move on.

So I've got home edition going on in the background, stories of unsung heros running through my head and find my heart rate accelerating.
And I know why.

I think everyone during our brief stint in this universe wants to think they can make a difference. I know i don't want to die wishing i could have done more for others. We live in a world where the top 5% have more money and more resources than the entire bottom 95% which just shows how very little we do for one another. So I'm starting afresh, I am going to make helping those less fortunate a priority, something it always should have been.

But what to do? There are lots of charities out there, and I have to try and find one i like working at because i want to stick with it. I also want to help lots of people and certainly people of different faiths and backgrounds. Its got to be on a weekend because i work Mon - Fri. hmm..this is starting to sound like the list from Mary Poppins, maybe if i tear it up and chuck it in the fireplace the charity of my dreams will fly down on an umbrella and knock on my door.

Thats crazy...charities can't use umbrellas..they don't even have hands.

So this week will be find my charity week...perfect timing as it is just before xmas so i have a little time off work to get my bum in gear. Anyway in the mean time any suggestions are welcome, that is if anyone is reading my blog,, is anybody out there lol.

In the meantime I've found the link to the article on the doctor giving away money. Here it is


ps: I may have also cried at Wal-E
and by may, i mean...did and by did.. i meant the first and second time i watched it.

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