Friday, December 11, 2009

Half the world away


Great Band! I felt they needed a whole line of their own before I started this post. Even if you hate them, which many people do, you can't deny their songs have stood the test of time. Champagne Supernova, Don't look back in anger, Wonderwall, I know you've hummed them, had them stuck in your head.

It just like with the pink panther song, its a form of brain box kryptonite.

Half the world away is one of my favorite Oasis songs, partially because I first heard it when I sat down to watch a show called the Royale Family, and partially because it's a song about feeling stuck. If you haven't seen the Royale Family yet then, with all due respect, you are a fool. It may be over, but re-watching the episodes is definitely it now.

But the real reason this entry is called half the world away is because that's exactly where my friend Sian is. Moving countries is a really weird experience. It's fun and exciting but its also lonely and frightening. What I didn't expect when I moved is to have people in my life who would stay so close to me, even though I moved so far away.
Sian is actually living it large in Australia right now, she is busier than anyone I know and after months of traveling she's got that really amazing glowy tan that makes me feel like a vampire with the flu.

Nevertheless. It's strange to have your best friends far away, and right now I've got Zee in England and Sian in Australia. What's weird is how tight we all still are, it shows that true friendship concurs all. Ok so it doesn't actually show that, but it does show that we love each other enough to make the distance work, plus it makes what we have pretty damn special. Friends you can count on are both hard to come by and vital to hold on to, and friends that will be there for you even from miles away are 1 in a me, i've got 2...don't be jealous. Lol

I've gotten so mushy, I feel I should have a whole paragraph on football or beer or something for balance. I did leave a note on a colleague's desk telling him to return a call to Mr Behr, and then left the Toronto Zoo number. Have giggled approx 16 times about how funny it will be when he calls.

A quick shout-out to my sister - who i saw perform last night. She was truly amazing, even if the 2 hours of watching other people before her perform made me want to shoot myself in the face. - just jokes..they were all very good (mostly)

Finally I want to make sure I mention how amazing my Canadian friends are, hell how amazing the Canadian people are. Even though I've not been here forever I've found the most interesting fun loving, hilarious people in the world. You are all incredible and I am very lucky to have you in my life. Shout outs to Michele just because she is divine and to mike for making fun of my blog.


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