Monday, December 7, 2009


If I could tear off my arm and pat myself on the back I totally would, because after months of suggesting i was going to start a blog, I've only gone and bloody done it!

Why start a blog, you are probably, or probably not wondering.
Well I'm a writer, OK, an aspiring writer, and how better to show off ones ability to write than to blog. Millions of people writing millions of words that millions of people won't care about. Genius.

No I'm actually a huge fan of blogging, and a massive fan of technology. I'm a little fed up of people slagging off technology to be honest, exponential growth is always a little scary but come on youtube brought us puppies walking on tredmills, a debt we will unlikely be able to repay.

Talk of an Orwellian driven society is all good, but lets remember that the internet brought us a freedom newspapers rarely afford us, which is information. Free media isn't what it used to be, and now you have hundreds of articles from every opinion imaginable just a click away, if you can stop watching pingu on veoh that is.

Enough of my 'what grinds my gears' style blogging. This is simply a post to say hi, I plan to blog often, about equally unimportant things, which in my opinion are in actuality the most important things. If we do not derive pleasure from the things that make us laugh, the small happinesses we get from every day banter then we don't have anything to look forward to. Luckily for me, my life is full of lovely, kind generous, hilarious people. Who make me laugh, and laugh easily. These are my favorite type of people

I am sure i will mention them over and over, I'm known for repeating my stories a genetic weakness passed down from family of old. My roommate suggests i befriend and Alzheimer's patient, a situation that would suit the both of us...he's a bit dark he is.

So goodbye for now, i shall blog again soon, I will let you know how my writing is going, how my show is progressing, my opinion on smurfs, oh and babe the pig, and pretty much anything else that pops into my brainbox

xoxo gossip girl...just kidding. xx

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  1. Looking forward to future entries. If I can ever get my own act together long enough to come back. :)