Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Sing Off

So if you had told me I was going to be watching a show hosted by Nick Lachey on a Monday night I would have straight slapped you across the face.

I think I may have a soft spot for acapella.

My brother and sister in-law-to-be are big Glee Fans, and no-one can out-gleek my little sister roo, but it's all a little high school musical for me (sorry sian). Which is why I found myself both baffled and blushing at how into The Sing Off I seem to have gotten. It is a simple and familiar format whereby different groups sing songs, the judges critique them, vote off the worst, and in the end America votes. What makes the show is how good the groups are not to mention they don't have any backing tracks or instruments, they just have to use their voices - hence a cappella.

The show is just another example that I am a sucker for a harmony. I used to love the episodes of Scrubs where Ted and his band The Worthless Peons would sing, it makes me think of Dick Van Dyke, Mary Poppins and other such like. There's an element of crooning too it, that makes you think of the 50s and tuppawear...ok makes me think of the 50s and tuppawear.

Snapping back to reality. The reason I mention The Sing Off is that I will be using it as a slightly pathetic excuse as to why I didn't blog yesterday. I'm sure you understand right? I needed to know who won, no really, I NEEDED to know who won.

What I would have blogged yesterday had I not been glued to the tele-box, was a blog about Chris Bosh. He was at Muzik on Saturday night, as were me, my friend Michele and Sabrina whose birthday it was. YAY! He is one tall man, with one tiny girlfriend. At a bar with a celebrity it's cool right? Ok so I didn't know who he was when he walked in, and the bouncer certainly didn't look impressed when I asked but whatever, this means I'm practically famous, and can probably now play basketball really well.

Muzik is a weird bar. It is super posh, and super expensive, yet I have no idea why anyone would go there. The place pumps house music all night, but does not have a dance floor. Everyone just stands around talking to the people they came out with over the really loud music sipping on 15 dollar drinks. Seriously if this is the life of the rich and famous I might just shoot myself, or laugh at myself, seeing as everyone at the bar looked exactly the same.
It was like falling onto the set of an Amanda Bynes film yet no-one was going to realize that being youself was the only way to win the guy at the end. That being said Sabrina looked incredible and she is so rarely in Toronto it was nice to see her.

Oh one more thing...the place was carpeted. Carpet..in a bar? Its just not normal.

I should also mention Christmas. I hate to do it, it's very cliche, but if they can play Christmas music in November then I can mention it on my bloggy wog yes? I'm starting to think Christmas is more irritating than it is fun. If I ever go to the north pole I'm going to egg Santa's house or igloo whatever. Where did pingu live? Did he also live in the north pole? - Hold on I'll save that for another day.

Deep down I don't think I could egg Santa. Shopping truly is a pain in the arse but Christmas is still a little bit magical. Snow, time off from work, family and ridiculous amounts of chocolate really make it a tad more special than it is ridiculous. So at least for this year I won't let myself be recruited by the Grinch


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