Wednesday, August 4, 2010

99 with a flake

Today is my 99th Blog Post, which I think we all know is seemingly less important than what will be my 100th Blog post, but 99 is a cool number. It was the age of the first house I ever lived in, Hawthorn Cottage. It is what we English call ice cream when you stick a flake in it and it is also the amount of people that read my blog yesterday, spooky. Although I should assume a good ten of those were probably my mum.

Back to a 99. My grandma and grandpa used to take us Grandchildren to Valentine Park in Essex and I can't tell you how cool this place was. It had everything, one of those zip swings, a climbing frame and tiny train that ran the length of the park. It had places to run around in, a tire swing and those weirdly shaped animals you sit in and just rock back and forth. It was paradise. What Valentine Park also had was a tiny cafe, which had this one window leading to the outside and they would sell 'whippys' with a flake in it. It was idilic, I can't tell you how well behaved me and my brother would be to get one, it took everything in us not to run ahead or throw bread at the ducks instead of to them just so we could earn our 99. Looking back I'm pretty sure we were always going to get one, but when you are young you are bamboozled into thinking there is a chance that you won't, so you do what you are told.

Not to throw back to an old post but my Grandma used to collect Conkers too. Not so she could take her place in the Conker leagues like we were hoping but because she would crack them and give them to us to feed to squirrels. We used to take the cracked Conkers down to Valentines and if you stayed still enough the squirrels would run up grab them out your hands and run of to a safe distance to break them open. It was fascinating to watch because until then I didn't realize conkers were nuts, you may yourself only be finding out from this blog...BREAKING NEWS Conkers are nuts. God I'm so BBC. 

So tonight I am off to see the Black Keys. Oh yes that's right you heard me, could I be any cooler? Yeah maybe if I hadn't written that sentence I could already have been cooler. It's going to be great! Morning Benders are opening so I'm more excited than Augustus was in the chocolate factory.

I hope your slightly odd feeling short week is going well, there should be more four day weeks I think people would be happier. I'll get right on it. I look forward to posting my 100th Blog sometime this week and by george it is going to be good, you can't even imagine the goodness of the good that the blog will be... yeah.

Also an irritated shoutout to my brother and sister in law - I have started watching cake boss and now can't seem to stop, god you were right about it being addictive. If you haven't see it buyer be warned it's Jersey Shore addictive, there is just no going back.

Love to you all

Kisses Meryl xx 


  1. loved your blog! No one here knows what a' flake' is :-(
    We weaned ourselves off cake boss after finding that we spent a whole evening watching 7 episodes! xxym

  2. Congrats on the 99th post. Now I know what Conkers are. As for flakes... are they wafers? *squints at picture*

  3. haha i really should include some sort of English to Canadian translationary document shouldn't I.

    Flakes are actually little chocolate bars made of very fine slices of chocolate that flake off while you eat them. The picture I put up with this post is of an ice cream with a flake in it, all I can tell you is they are bloody delicious! Go try one :)

  4. Hmmm.... I think I had one of those before. Maybe. Possibly. If not, I will.

  5. We have flakes in Canada but they are hard to find. The next time I see one I will grab it so I can make you a treat!

    Now I want a 99...with some conkers sprinkled on top.