Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Triple Decker Sandwhich

Je suis tres desole pour my absence yesterday. Look at that, starting my blog in some strange French to English mix, how Canadian am I? I have been trying so hard to keep up with my blog but yesterday just got away from me.

More importantly today I wanted to talk about triple decker sandwiches.  You may have heard of triple decker buses (Harry Potter Reference anybody) or triple decker trains (Go Canadian Transport) but triple decker sandwiches is a phrase that makes sense only to my grandpa, my siblings and me.

Triple Decker sandwiches are exactly as they sound, a sandwich with three layers.  My grandpa used to make them for me, my sister and my brother when we stayed round their house. Most commonly they would run like this. Piece of bread (preferably toast) sardines (probably two) piece of bread (again toasted) egg (hopefully scrambled) piece of toast, tomato, piece of toast. Done. 

Now of course when you are 8 years old and you have a sandwich the size of your face in front of you it becomes somewhat of a challenge, but my grandpa didn’t mind if we ate them, I think he just liked that we liked them.

Other than triple decker sandwich breakfasts it was my grandma that made the food in that household, and she is an absolutely incredible chef! She would make lasagna from scratch, amazing porridge (which looking back was probably ready brek with honey) and the best cheesecake in the land! There was no way you were coming back from G&G’s household hungry. We used to have so much fun there!

In other news, excitingly I have been asked to be a bridesmaid by my very good friend Grace!!! I am so excited for her and so excited that I get to be part of her special day and her life in general! Congrats again grace-la, this is going to be amazing!

This week may be a little blog light but only because I am moving to a new apartment next week and have a crazy amount of packing to do, still exciting to be moving, change always brings new excitements, as well as massive amounts of stress and panic…right?

Meryl x

PS – I could not find a picture of a triple decker sandwich that met with my high standards, so I drew one. It didn’t all pan out like I thought it would.


  1. Sardines? Hmmm... I don't know if a triple decker sandwich sounds very appetizing anymore. Hahaha. Then again, I haven't tried sardines before.

    Congratulations on becoming a bridesmaid. I'm a groomsman for my sister's upcoming wedding. It's the first time I get to be one, too. It is indeed exciting.

  2. I love bread!

    BUT Isn't your pic depicting a Quadruple-Decker?
    it's got 4 pieces of toast!

  3. PS Next gals night I make-a-my-famous-lasagna ;)

  4. It's got three layers of filling, making it a triple-decker.

  5. haha fight fight fight fight.

    Just kidding, we called it a triple decker coz it has three levels of filling, but it could in fact be a quadruple decker if one were counting it by toast layers. It is a difficult one to call.