Thursday, August 26, 2010

Frozen Vegetables

Obviously frozen vegetables are somewhat of a second class to the fresh vegetables that parade themselves pompously among the vegetable section of the supermarket, but they last a long time, they are all ready cut and you don’t have to worry that a bug might be living inside them.

Also when I was buying fresh vegetables I found that some went bad almost instantly, and they end up being quite expensive. When I switched to frozen vegetables I thought I had found my solution, the vegetables of my dreams if you will, and I am still of the same mind, except… runner beans.

I was trying to make vegetables sound somewhat sinister there and I don’t think I succeeded, but something that has started to irritate me is how difficult it is to buy mixed frozen vegetables without there being a somewhat majority of runner beans thrown into the mix.

It’s just like when you open a pack of starburst and you’ve got five green ones, what is the point? People live for the red and purple ones, green are just filler that you eat first before savoring the good once. In this analogy baby corn count as red and water chestnuts as purple, god I love a water chestnut.

You are probably wondering why I don’t just buy a pack of frozen baby corn, or invest in a bag of water chestnuts to cook up with my beef, but it doesn’t work like that. If I really just mixed in one type of vegetable the whole meal looks a little sad, not to mention individual packaged vegetables are almost double the cost.

I have thankfully found the solution. All too often do I present to you, dear readers, nuisances of life and then leave it at that, but no more. I don’t like runner beans fresh, and I certainly don’t like the water filled chewy version that are frozen but I have been introduced to a new kind of vegetable called stir fry mix. Now the creators of ‘stir fry mix’ have done a very clever thing and switched up the runner beans for sugar snap peas (everyone’s favorite green vegetable) and the results are delicious if I were you I’d run out and by some right now.

This makes me think of a great show called Archer, it is an animated show released by adult swim and it is truly hilarious.  This poor employee is chopping vegetables at work for a stir fry to serve to his girlfriend later and when he tells archer they have special name for Friday’s stir fry night Archer replies ‘is it stirfriday?’ to which Cyril looking glum says ‘wow, that’s way better that what I had’

I guess the whole world is talking about Stir fry related things and I’m on the forefront. Reporting to you from my bedroom side table I’ve been Meryl have yourself a great evening.


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  1. It seems you are indeed at the forefront of what's cool and hip. Who knew it would be stir fry? I am always so late to the party concerning these things. Hahaha