Wednesday, August 11, 2010


So remember SARS? and bird flu, and swine flu. Yes mostly because they are reminder of what happens when the whole western world gets itself into a flap about nothing. It is also a great way for an economy to make money. Scared people will buy lots of things to make themselves feel safe including investing in vaccines.

So today I read about the new ‘superbug’ that has made it’s way from India and Pakistan, which ironically I could have brought back with me when I was there in January. Not only is it immune to our usual antibiotics it is also able to spread very quickly from person to person, which is weird because that would be exactly the same as bird flu, SARS and swine flu. Spooky coincidence. Obviously one shouldn’t be flippant when lives are at stake but scare mongering has become cliché and creating general panic to generate income seems to be a common strategy the government employs. 

I guess we will just have to see how things progress, but I would slap a couple brown skins down (I’m so Canadian) that the whole thing spirals out of control. At the end of the day you just got to accept that we are very rarely in control of what is about to happen, so relax enjoy knowing there is very little you can do.

Alright, short and sweet today!

Be good


PS Gustav – contact me by owl, it’s the only way I can see of communicating. Unless you have any better suggestions?!



  1. I have to disagree with you on this. We do have control over this, at least concerning how it all got started. It's stuff like overusing antibiotics and the industrialization of agriculture and livestock that has helped to create these superbugs.

    Now that they are here, there's not much we can do but we could have prevented them and possibly prevent future ones if we change our behaviour and actions.

  2. Firstly, after your blog post i have invested in a bubble that i now live and travel in. granted its quite hard getting into and out of cars but i do feel like a hamster and am currently checking with the DVLA whether i am road safe or not.
    Secondly, my grandma says that an orange and a kiwi a day will keep you healthy all your life and that you will never get ill. i may now try it and will let you know the results.
    Thirdly, you know that my delivery Owl Boris the Third died three weeks ago. there was no need to bring him into the equation. i have tried pigeon but they are easily distracted by bagels. the last resort will have to be inception like dreams where i control your mind while you sleep. seems like the best option to me. (this is me presuming that you have seen inception...)
    Much Love. Gustav x

  3. Gustav, sincerest apologies on the demise of your delivery owl I had no idea otherwise I would have, of course, thought of an alternative communicative solution. I have seen inception (which was awesome) but maybe instead of communicating in a dream realm we could go back to skype? speak soon

    meryl x