Monday, August 16, 2010

Shot – A – Palooza

When my friend decided to throw an event based around drinking many many shots I think we were all aware it may end a little sloppy. We were right it did. It was however huge amounts of fun. There were pudding shots and root beer float shots, and peanut butter and Jam shots, the rest of them kind of all blurred together in my mind, I can’t imagine why? See that wasn’t sarcasm the shots literally have decayed the part of my brain in charge of imagination. Only kidding, three quarters of my brain is taken up by imagination hence why I woke up yesterday morning laughing because of the dream I had.

It isn’t always easy to describe a dream but this one was so clear I wonder if perhaps it happened. It didn’t. In my drunken haze I fell fast asleep and dreamed I was in an elevator. It was pretty standard but had two full length mirrors on either side. The elevator stopped at the first floor and in walked this little round monster with one large blinky eye. It was actually very cute and it turned and looked at me give me a blink and turned back towards the door. The elevator continued to go up and on each floor more and more of these little monsters started clambering in. Now as anyone who has stood between two full length mirrors know when you look in one you see it’s reflection in the reflection of the mirror and inside that you see the reflection of the other mirror (you’re still following right) anyway it creates this endless hallway effect which goes on forever.
Once there were about 25 eye blinking monsters and me reflected in the mirrors we looked like a small monster army and for some reason they all kept blinking in perfect unison. It got too much for my drunken brain and I started laughing so hard in my dream I fully work up disorientated and a little disappointed. I was missing my blinky friends.

I actually re-told this dream to Jen the next day and she asked if the monsters were green. I should point out they were not, they were rainbow coloured, like skittles. Actually more like iPod colours. They were rainbow iPod monsters.

As a special treat I have drawn a picture of the dream – please note it is a reconstruction and I cannot draw.

They are cute aren’t they! I also want to wish my brother HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Today is his birthday, and it is the first one in which he will be married yay!! I am very lucky to have him and I hope that this year is amazing and exciting and full of successes!! Love you lots.

And to everyone else happy Monday, thanks for reading, I am a grateful grapefruit. If you need cheering up click here


  1. I love it when I remember my dreams after waking up. It's too bad it doesn't happen too often to me. Still, I am keeping tabs on all that I remember so I can one day weave an interesting if not downright weird story to tell the world.

    Your dream is a cool concept for a story. A girl and her legion of rainbow eyeball monsters. Or you just had a premonition of the new iPods.

  2. will you be supplying cuddly toys of said ipod colored monsters? i will have one in blue please.

    also how can we skype when you are never on skype?!


  3. I got mentioned in your blog yey( yes I do read it, it's even bookmarked);-)