Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I wish I could say I was exaggeration when I tell you me and my friend Katrine spent the entire tennis match admiring Rafael Nadal’s bottom but I’m not. I don’t really think we were to blame, it’s a perfect arse made better by some perfectly fitting trousers.

Anyway, to find myself in the gold seats of the Rogers Cup center court watching the world’s number one tennis player was pretty amazing. We also got to see Peter Polanski play, or POPO as we affectionately nicknamed him and really the Canadians took the night.

It is always good to see a country come behind its athletes and to say the Canadians had the crowd last night was an understatement. It must be great to have the home advantage but it doesn’t take away from the fact that two of Canada’s most excellent Tennis players took down the world’s number 1 and number 2 in the doubles opener. Tennis is lots more fun that I had thought.

Ok so doubles is a lot more fun than I thought. Singles was kind of what I expected, lots of head turning, but doubles is lightning fast and really exciting, it makes you want to shout things out and cheer people along, which you can’t because tennis is posh. Yes ladies and gentlemens there is no cat calling or heckling in tennis, you are allowed to clap and you have to wait for a point to be over before you leave your seat to go pee.  It’s all very civilized and nice but I think part of sport is being allowed to shout mean things at the opposing team. Well it didn’t faze us too much and after a few drinks we weren’t exactly adhering to the no shouting policy.

I also had the pleasure of going to the Black Keys last week and they were just wicked. Plus the morning benders opened so all my dreams came true in one show. I love love love the morning benders but the black keys totally blew them out of the water. My roommate said it best when he sauntered up to me wide eyed with a big smile on his face ‘Dan Auerbach eh? He is just such a showman’. And he was right, there were a couple of truly magical moments where the crowd were totally into the show, they are brilliant live. The only downside to the show was the venue. I like Kool house, it’s really big and the sound is good but by George was it hot. If we had been in a cartoon we could have watched a thermometer’s level rise to the top and have it burst open, it just got hotter and hotter and hotter until you couldn’t move let alone dance. For a venue called Kool House they should really invest in a better AC system

Ok peoples onwards and upwards. I hope the week is treating you well. Here is a little treat for you just because it’s Tuesday. I’ve found a bigger Doctor Who nerd than myself…check him out here :)

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  1. I quite enjoyed that song. And it made sense to me since I was able to watch the season 5 finale of DW a few weeks ago.

    Black Keys and the Morning Blenders are unfamiliar to me. Of course, I am completely out of touch with what's good these days. Plus I am a totally uncool person. I've only been to one actual concert in my adult life. Glad that you had such a great time there! :)

    Nadal's butt. It seems so... firm? I'm a straight male but I'm okay with admitting that. Can't fault you for looking. Haha

    Sorry for the long comment. I don't know when to stop sometimes.