Thursday, July 29, 2010


So the Kings of Leon were regally fantastic last night. They really are better live than on disk. The whole thing was very rock and roll, die hard fans filled the Molson Amphitheater (like to the brim) huge screens were erected but played only in black and white. The lead singer was working through a cold which did nothing but make his voice more rustic and beautiful. It was all good, well all except the lawn was very far back from the stage. Luckily  I had no intention of sitting still and we snuck as far forward as we could ending up middle centre, we couldn't have had a better view point.

The show was a great length and the crowd were hugely responsive, even the new stuff they played kept people motivated which is a risky move for any artist. My favorite moment of the night was when they played 'Where is my mind' by the pixies which is a massive tune anyway but they really brought something to it, of course when they played Use Somebody the place went crazy and I started sending voice clips to England to show off. The whole night was great and the atmosphere was really sparkling, mimicked perfectly by the fireworks at the end of the show. My brother used to live for the end of shows, it didn't matter what we were watching if they had fireworks or those sparkly tinsel things that fall from the sky he was a happy camper.

Of course the booze at the amphitheater is some ridiculous price, I don't understand why they are so keen to exploit you like that, they are already making a packet from the show why they need to charge you twice the normal price of a beer is beyond me. But hey 11 dollars a beer is better than no beer right - glass is half full kind of moment.

This coming weekend is a long one, as in we get the Monday off too, I am so broke I'm not up to much, but seeing as I am moving soon gotta start packing at some point.

Hope you are all well! love and kisses meryl x

PS: Today's Picture is actually from the show :)

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