Monday, July 5, 2010

Super Proud

So every now and then you get to have one of those weekends you know you will never forget for a hundred million years and this weekend was one of those for me. My brothers wedding was such a beautiful experience, it went from being carefully written out and timed events on a page to a magical evening filled with love and family. I think any event that is fueled by sharing in love is going to be a success and Olie and Jenny are so very in love that the event felt like it was fueled by a jet engine.

Every single person that spoke at the wedding spoke beautifully and everyone that contributed went above and beyond! We all got to share an incredible moment, and for the first time I realized what weddings are all about. Previously I had thought weddings were all about politics and inviting people who convention dictated you had to, rather that people you wanted to surround yourself with forever, but I was humbled. Every person that came, whether they were close to the couple or not seemed excited that they were embarking on this adventure of marriage together, there was no jealousy or judgement just love and best wishes.

Of course I got to spend time with my family from England, and weirdly I can't put into words how truly fantastic it felt. Even for the short time they were here, the feeling that everyone was back together was overwhelmingly delightful and I found myself giggling even when my uncle pushed me in the pool fully clothed.

Excitingly I got to take them all to the pride parade where we mostly baked in the 900 degree weather and saw more penis's that I had advertised before we left the hotel, but the vibe Pride puts out is infectious and everyone seemed to enjoy watching the city rejoice in equality and love. To make up for the overly hot wait, I took the fam to get bubble tea (which sounds like I paid but was prevented from doing so by aforementioned pool pushing uncle) and to watch the disgusted faces of my English peeps was a truly priceless moment. Once they had gotten over the initial textural shock of a bubble tea they were converted and we were all a little more refreshed while sitting in the air conditioned cafe.  My cousin couldn't quite get past the tapeoka bubbles and then managed to cause the watermelon juice to shoot up through her straw and all over her shirt, so she was allowed to refrain from finishing hers, but my Auntie gets the real shout out because hers was lychee flavoured and tasted like eyeballs.

After a sad goodbye I was still in time to join some friends for the last few hours of pride. Which were immense, I think Toronto should close it's streets and let people dance and drink every weekend because it is so much fun, especially with the weather being so nice.  Pride is always fun, and it is a welcome reminder of how lucky I am to live in a country that chooses to treat all it's citizens equally and give everyone the same rights. Put like that is seems a little insane to imagine anyone fighting against that cause, but there are still a bunch of them out there and I'll just have to hope that like in the movies Good prevails over Evil.

I hope you all had a HAPPY PRIDE and that this weekend was full of fun and laughter. I just want to say thankyou to everyone that made this weekend amazing, I am so very lucky to have such an incredible group of family and friends!

All my love, hugs and kisses Meryl xxxx

PS: I found out my cousin Robert is also a huge Doctor Who nerd, it's got to be in the genes, I was loving it!!

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