Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Hurt Locker

So I'm not a war film person, in fact the only one I've ever really enjoyed is Apocalypse Now, and really how couldn't you. So when my room mate brought home Hurt Locker I just wasn't in the mood to watch it. Nevertheless he put it in the dvd machine for him to watch, and by the first five minutes I was completely hooked. The film is spell bounding. The suspense is crazy and the direction is divine. It manages to give you this insight into how frightening every day of a war must be, while touching on how the horrific things these soldiers saw drove them to fight harder. I was literally on the edge of my seat every time they diffused a bomb, and the fact that the soldiers could never really be sure who was working against them and who were just civilians meant I got overwhelmingly nervous through a lot of the film.

In my own mind I am of course anti-war, as the old saying goes it is old men talking and young men dying, but sometimes I feel this demeans the soldiers. There are people in this world who lay down their lives everyday to try and save lives, who fight for freedom and keep the peace and I think being anti-war doesn't have to mean I'm anti soldiers.  So I have decided to do the whole Red Friday thing, it's not exactly a massive contribution to my country but it is so easy to do it is embarrassing I haven't already done it.  If you don't know about Red Friday, and I am sure you do, you can click here it will tell you all about them and what else you can do to support the troops.

Alright that's all from me today,  tonight I am off to see the Kings of Leon, woohoo and I am sure I will have a lovely blog all about it tomorrow, and I'll probably want to do some sort of Kings of Leon Thursday where I only wear black - just kidding


Meryl xx

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