Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Say Hello to Sunshine, Sunshine

Today I was wondering how exactly I was going to top my post on octopuses and to be honest I can’t. Unless in the next few hours a giant human eating octopus descends upon the city it seems unlikely that this one is going to be as eccentric the last. However I would like to talk about

Oh my god I am sorry to stop mid sentence but you are never going to believe what just happened, a new article about octopuses was just posted on the BBC website. Sometimes I worry I am in a Truman show-like environment where people watch what I am doing so they can freak me out.  Sometimes I don’t worry about it. Anyway the article is about Octopus mating habits and it’s not massively interesting but it will be the first discovery they have made to help them understand how exactly deep sea octopuses reproduce. It’s been a very octopussy week hasn’t it. Maybe I will have to make that my new item.

Back to what I was saying, I would like to talk today about Louis CK. Now if you haven’t heard of him before then you are behind and you really need to do some catching up so that you aren’t shunned by society in the future. Louis CK is one of the funniest men in the whole wide entire world. I went to see him last year with my room-mate and laughed so hard I had to take a time out. Amazingly my extremely kind and loving brother bought me tickets to see him at the comedy festival this year, as a thank you for MC-ing his wedding, and now I get to see him THIS SATURDAY at Massy Hall.  I am so excited I even refused to watch his new sitcom to prepare myself for the Gala. He is hosting it, which means I also get to see a whole line up of other comedians too including Jimmy Carr, it’s just going to be so good I can barely breathe.

So yeah this was mostly a show off blog, well not the octopus thing that was more sort of sharing of information but I hope you aren’t too jealous and that your Wednesday is going well, try not to melt in the weather, and drink lots of water so you don’t die

Hugs and Kisses Meryl

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