Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Decision Time

My friend Zina is terrible at making decisions (sorry mate) but she is. To be fair to her, for some reason she does keep coming to these forks in the road where she has to choose paths, but as she said herself all decisions require of you to pick one thing over another. I make fun of her a lot but really when it comes down to it being indecisive is a common trait and I think we all wonder about those sliding doors moments when you life could have gone in a completely different direction.

In the grand scheme of things decisions don't matter, whatever you decided was and is the right decision, simply because every path you have to choose from contains another multitude of paths that will late split off even further. There are very few decisions that lead you in completely opposite directions but plenty that make you feel that way.

I'm trying to sound wise but the only advice I had for Zina's big decision was to try and do what makes her happiest, but then realized that choosing what makes you happy opens up a whole new plethora of questions, rather than helping you make a decision. In my life I make decisions really quickly, which isn't always a bonus. I try really hard not to think too bigger picture because then you end up saying no to things you really want to do based on a future that can change all the time, but I have to admit this is only a good process if everything works out OK. I could very easily be stuck on the other side of a quickly made decision wondering why I didn't think it through first and then act, so I guess there is no really smart way to make a decision.

Wow,  this hasn't been a very good blog has it, I was hoping to think of something to say to Zina to make her decision making a little easier and instead I've talked myself round into thinking it is impossible to solve. I guess I will end it pretty swiftly by saying whatever decision you make will be amazing, whatever you choose will bring new things and lots of changes and hopefully lots of fun, and hey even if it doesn't so what, we only get to live once (minus James Bond) so why not make the most of the highs and the lows no matter which one we prefer.

Ok, thats probably the smallest amount of help I've given someone while trying to be nice, only beaten by the time I held the door screen open for someone who was painting before realizing the door was being held open by a large piece of wood anyway - I still don't know why they let me find out about it on my own, no body could have said something?

Summerlicious Tonight!! - Which if you don't live in Toronto you won't know about. It's amazing really, all these restaurants in the city open their doors to the less well financed and offer plates of their menu for a set fee. Basically you get to pick a plate from each course and try them, for about $35 dollars. I'm excited! I'll let you know how it goes xx

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  1. There is no such thing as a 'wrong' decision, what ever you decide to do just leads you up a different path and you have no way of knowing the outcome in advance so sometimes you just have to "LEAP, AND THE NET WILL APPEAR"..... Zen saying x YM