Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Canada Day

So this post has nothing to do with this picture....but that, good people, is the right way to give someone a high five. All you've got to do is look directly at their elbow and there is literally no chance you will miss. Try it with a friend today.

So I don't have anything really in mind to talk about in this blog, I'm just super excited because I get to see my grandparents this evening!! They have flown all the way from good old Blighty and the clock is going super slowly just to really frustrate me. I thought, to while away the time, and to celebrate being a canadian citizen I would talk about Canada Day.

Canada Day of course is tomorrow, it marks the anniversary of four of the main provinces coming together and making Canada which now has a bunch more in it's collection. The Canadians are amazing people, they are both very kind and sweet as well being very witty and dark. It's not an easy combo to pull off. Although when people think of Canada they tend to think Maple Syrup and Moose there is a lot more to the country than it's given credit for. Although the Maple Syrup here is amazing.  Canada is full of culture, full of diversity and if that's not enough for you its bloody ginormous. In fact little old England could fit quite happily in lake Ontario, 'mazing right?

Anyway, I have to dash, my lunch hour seems to have gone by far quicker than usual, its all the planning for the wedding...lots to do

hope you are all well...Happy Canada Day, enjoy the time off! See you at...PRIDE!!!! - more on this in tomorrow's blog xxxx

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