Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jitterbug Blog

So today I had a coffee after not drinking caffeine for just over a year, I am so jittery if you gave me a pen I could draw you a Spirograph without any equipment. Yes I feel awake, but almost too awake. I think I shall have to go back to not drinking caffine because the head rush it is giving me is making me giggly with an underlying dollop of hysteria, which lets face it doesn't go down massively with the old work colleagues. 

On the plus side tomorrow I am going to see Kings of Leon, which is super exciting as long as there are no birds near the amphitheater - look how up to date that joke is. Obviously keeping birds away from an amphitheater isn't an easy task with the sky being - well pretty big at least, but if they need any help I'm happy to oblige.

So the coffee is keeping me awake and the news is keeping me stressed out which means my blood pressure is probably sky rocketing, in particular this story got me boiling. For the 99 percent of you out there who did not just click on the link I will summarize. The story is about a priest, who to welcome new member to her congregation gave a man and his dog a wafer for holy communion. Now even for the large population of you out there who believe in Jesus and the bible surely there is the understanding that a wafer is just a representation of Jesus, wafers eaten outside a church don't have the same connotation and they certainly aren't made from his skin so why get so upset that a wafer was given to a dog?

My favorite part is a quote by Cheryl Chang from our very own Anglican Network of Canada who said, and I quote 'I don't recall anything from the scripture about Jesus dying for the salvation of our pets'. Funny that because from what I've learn't Jesus was actually pretty cool, he talked about the heavenly kingdom being inside ourselves and giving away our material possessions and helping those in need. He also talks about how important community was and told stories about Samaritans who would help out anyone that needed it. What I don't understand is how all of this translated into pouring money into the Churches and wearing expensive gold representations of Christ around your neck to show your faith. By his own teachings wouldn't Jesus be annoyed that people were wasting money on trinkets instead of giving that money to the poor. Wasn't he this representation of humility and removal of material distraction.

Maybe I'm wrong, maybe his main message was that humans can eat wafers and dogs can't, and if that is the case perhaps all these people have a right to be outraged. If it had been OK for pets to be included in communion he would have said so, and that is what we should be concentrating on.

I'm not trying to bash religion, well obviously I have, but religion in its purest form is lovely and promotes caring and community and all things good. Somehow people have ruined it, by taking from it only judgment and hatred and anger. A priest was welcoming congregates to her church, which are institutions constantly telling us Jesus is waiting with open arms, maybe I'm not in a position to say but an educated guess would suggest that her actions wouldn't cause Jesus to walk off in a hissy fit.

Well anyway, those of you off work enjoy the sunshine and those of you who arn't don't drink any coffee it makes you mad!!

Meryl xx

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