Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Psychic Octopus and Such Like

So Germany have a psychic octopus, yes that sounds made up but it isn't. They asked him to predict who would win in the Germany vs Spain football match, and the little blighter only went and predicted a Spain win, he should be hung for treason. Apparently he has a 70 percent success rate, which sounds high but I probably have about a 70 percent success rate in predicting the world cup too.

My favorite bit of the story is that they set up two glass tanks, one with the Spanish Flag and one with the German flag and asked (yes asked) the octopus to pick up a clam from the tank of the winning country. Octopus are mostly head, so I can imagine they have a rather large brain, but to believe an octopus can reason any of this through is a stretch even for the eagerly imaginative like myself. The world is a bizzar place.

Next up a welcome return of the re-occurring item CHOCOLATE NEWS. I paused there for applause. Beijing is adding a new section to it's Bird's Nest stadium showcasing a miniature replica of the wall of china complete with terracotta warriors made entirely out of, you've guessed it chocolate. They have decided to add a 20,000 square meter exhibit made entirely of chocolate to attract interest of children all over the world. They are also opening workshops to show you how to make some of the chocolate decoration and to be honest I kind of want to go. They are doing a very similar thing in Taiwan, with a new art exhibit featuring important parts of Taiwanese and Chinese culture being reproduced in chocolate for people to go and visit. The whole world seems to have gone chocolate crazy!

I once left a twix in my desk at work over the weekend and when I came back it had melted into the shape of a mud puddle...does that count as art. I bet it would at the tate modern.

Ok hope you haven't melted in this weather! The weekend is supposed to be cooler so just hold out, or come to my house, the basement is lovely and cool

xxx meryl xxx

In case you are wondering - the octopus favored Spain over Germany...I guess I'll be eating my words if he is right...if he is wrong I am going to go out and eat calamari.

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