Thursday, June 3, 2010


So normally when I don't post an entry I come up with a really exciting story as to why I was unable to get to the computer but today I have a real life, bonafied, air-tight, can't be argued with excuse. My face blew up. So not in a don't shake the bag full of C4 kind of way but in the oh my god I'm allergic to flowers kind of way.

I got out of bed and thought I must be really sleepy because my eyes were all small, but when I went and looked in the bathroom mirror I got a bit of shock because it looked like a giant had got hold of my head and was using his really big thumbs to squish my face into itself. I actually looked a little like a puffer fish, my cheeks went all large and my eyes went small and my lips were all sticking out like Angelina Jolies.

I feel a lot better today, but my eyes are still puffy and swollen. I'm so full of anti-histamine that I've gone a little do-lally demonstrated perfectly when I got angry at the women in shoppers for charging me for a plastic bag when I had put all my medicine straight into my purse. My friend Grace informed me that I had asked for a bag, but I was insistant that I hadn't. Anyway I felt really stupid when I looked in my purse and saw all my medicine sitting inside a plastic bag, meaning I had both asked and received the bag in quesiton.

Being sick sucks, and being sick at work is even worse. I don't have enough money to keep taking time off work, plus yesterday I sat around in my pajamas feeling sorry for myself.  If i'd had a banana leaf I would have fanned myself sighing. So it is probably best I get out of there before I turn melancholy.

On the plus side someone put new episodes of the supersizers up on youtube, so yesterday was a bit of marathon day for that! Silver lining moment :) Hope thursday is going well for you all!

Meryl xx

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