Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Earthquake, England , Exciting

So England won today! They must have read my blog and thought 'lets do it for Meryl' boys or lets do it for England, either-or, I'm not bothered. I am all over excited because we just an earthquake, yes a teeny tiny one but it made everything in the office shake and has kept us talking about it for a few hours now. Aparantly they felt it all the way out in Quebec, maybe it wasn't so small?!

It's got my imagination going mental, I keep thinking that it was one of those warm up tremors you see in Sci Fi films and next time I am blogging it will be from under a shelter while the whole world collapses 2012 style. What I really need right about now is a plane, the people in planes always seem to survive. I wonder if celebrities who play characters in films about earthquakes would be any better off? I'm just saying if John Cusack was standing next to me in an earthquake I'd be looking at him for the next cause of action, I think we all would.

The timing is all a little weird you have to admit, the G20 is coming to town, there is a mini earthquake stretching to Quebec, I may be a Sci Fi nerd but I don't think it is a massive jump to feel a little twilight zone-ish this afternoon. World leaders and natural disasters are some sort golden duo for the box office, put 'em together and you've got a massive commerical market nipping at your feet.

On that note, I hope you are all ok, that our tiny earthquake didn't cause any apples to roll off of desks, hopefully the world isn't about to end and I'll be back here tomorrow for further blogging


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