Monday, June 21, 2010

Supersized Blog

So a lot of you out there are giving me 'mum guilt' about not writing in my blog and I would like to apologize for being gone so long! I have had a crazy couple of weeks, these allergies really bested me and the drugs they put me on make me sleep a lot. They also make me dream about huge screaming flowers that are trying to turn me purple so you know they've got to be full of something hallucinogenic. On the plus side I am feeling much better, my face has de-puffed and my eyes arn't as red as they were. I was more worried about how red the outsides of my eyes had gone, I looked like the start of one of those films where the devil tries to posses a human child, but now I am fully angelic again and itching to write about a billion different things. That is why today's blog has been super sized, I may even split it into two, oh you lucky devils never had it so good.

First I would like to talk about Where the Wild Things are. Yes I'm about six months behind, but I've tried to watch it twice on an airplane and not managed to fight the jet lag to get through it and only just got round to renting it this week. It is brilliant, it is clever and sweet and funny and heartbreaking. It makes me want to sleep in a big pile of monsters and build a nest made of twigs. It helps that the soundtrack is kick arse, I can't imagine there was more than ten minutes of film that didn't have something composed for it. It manages to deliver quite a complex storyline in a very simple way and doesn't feel the need to over explain it to you. This tiny kid goes on a huge adventure and while ruling his kingdom of monsters gains quite an adult perspective, it wasn't sickly sweet, and it wasn't overdone, it many ways it was perfect. All I really know is that I want a furry monster suit complete with ear hat as soon as possible and I shan't rest until that happens.

Second item of business, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. When you are sick you watch a lot of movies, and I was lucky that a bunch of really good ones had just come out. The Imgainarium of Doctor Parnassus is so good I don't think I'm going to return it Blockbusters. It is visually spectacular. It's like a firework display inside your brain only longer and less dangerous. The imaginarium of doctor parnassus is about climbing inside people's imaginations and the film mimics that by being a created from opening up ones mind and spilling the contents onto the page. I feel I could say a hundred more things but I am so afraid I'm going to ruin it for someone so I will just tell you to go rent it. I want to tell you to go watch it at the cinema but it's too late for the both of us - sad face

I also need to apologize to anyone I told on Saturday that I work for Chum Fm. I don't, but me and my friend Nina wanted to go see the NXNE (North By NorthEast) show that was playing at Lees Palace, and it is your fault for not correcting me when I told you to tune into 94.6. I still have to check if there are photos of us plastered all over the NXNE website, because the camera man seemed more interested in us once we told him we were media. Sometimes a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do, but I think telling people we would give them a shout-out Sunday morning may have been going a little too far. I wish I worked for Chum Fm believe me.

I also have a sad story to tell you, the Noel Fielding stand up show is sold out. That's right for three nights Noel Fielding will be performing here in Toronto, and like an idiot I tried to book too late. It certainly doesn't help that the venue is about three feet from my house, but I am going to stand outside looking sad in the rain in the hopes that someone pulls a slumdog millionaire and lets me come in for the show.

No Meryl Blog would be complete if I didn't talk about Doctor Who and this weekend was the finale episode of the series. It was both sad and deeply unsettling. Doctor Who is known for scaring people all over the Globe but Saturday nights episode was scary in a whole different way. It took me a long time to re-settle and now I am desperate for the new series to begin. If any of you fools are still unaware of Doctor Who I would suggest now is a good time to go get caught up. Find someone who has the box set, or see if you can find it online, hell, steal it from somebody if you have to, you are missing out.

Finally, probably, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Theme Park just opened in Orlando, Lainey Gossip covered the whole event and her review is envy making. Check it out here. If you didn't want to be a wizard before then you will now.

Ok proper finally. The world cup. I am, of course, supporting England but they are making this a very difficult task. Two draws, one at 0-0 and one to the US?!!? I'm not going to have a go at Greene because the poor guy is probably still having a little cry, but I will share with you a joke I heard on Mock the week. One comedian said that Greene was so distraught about letting in the ball that he put his head in his hands, and then he dropped it. Yeah harsh, but not as bad as it will probably be if England don't pick it up in the next couple games. I attached a picture of my puppy wearing his England shirt during the game, unfortunatly this didn't seem to help out the players. Come on boys, three lions and all that.

So I hope this slightly longer blog makes up for my absence these last couple weeks, I will try and go back to blogging everyday but these allergies are certainly keeping me down, my eyes keep swelling up so looking at the screen isn't so easy. If it makes you feel any better I'm going to have to go for allergy testing where they will stick needles all over my back, I will take each needle for a day I didn't blog...oh being a martyr is hard job, I need some lemonade asap.

Hope you are all well. Unless you are a flower in which case you can wither and die....

kisses Meryl

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