Monday, June 28, 2010


So we got crushed. I'm a little angry with the entire England football team at the moment, but I have this sneaking suspicion I'm not the only one. I won't say much but I will say this. If they hadn't stolen our equalizing goal in the first half, the game would have been different. It was well over the line. So maybe by different I mean mostly the same, but 4-2 would have been a less embarrassing exit from the cup.

The Germans played really well, they had a lot of young whippersnappers on the pitch, so for a while I was starting to think they had more players than we did. Obviously they didn't unless you count the just kidding. They were everywhere, and they ran really really fast, we ran slightly slower which may be why the German goalie practically scored a goal. 4-1, hmm really depressing.

On a lighter note my family from Angelettere are all here for my brothers wedding. My cousins are on their way soon, and even though it is a little sappy, I'm actually getting excited. I cannot wait to see my grandparents as they will indubitably say lovely things to me and surrounding myself with people I've known all my life for the next few days is going to be great. 

I am of course trying to eat really healthy this week for the wedding, mostly because I can't breath in my bridesmaids dress but bakerella but this recipe up this morning, and now all I can think about are pillow cookies. Sometimes I think it is a good thing i'm so poor at domestics, not even a little bit of me imagines I could make these. Maybe if I leave the ingredients out on the counter tiny cookie fairies will come in the night  and make the cookies for me? It worked for the cobbler guy, and he was only making shoes... yeah I'll let you know how that goes lol

Hope you are all enjoying this fine Monday - Canada day is Thursday, yay!  So really today is like Tuesday with tomorrow being Wednesday and Wednesday being Thursday and having real thursday I kind of lost what I was saying, it's fine no one will notice.

love and sunshine

Meryl x

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