Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Is that a clever pun on the word bollywood Meryl?

Why yes Meryl it is, and it can only mean one thing...well lots of things, but in this case it only means one thing. I'm off to India. ...Exciting!

So in a couple weeks I'm heading off to exotic India and while I'm super excited to embark on such an incredible journey there is a small amount of me that feels like stressed Eric just before the vein pops out of his head and strangles him. (picture enclosed for those not in the know)

Luckily my excitement has overwhelmed my nervousness, and I am ready to experience a world very different from the one I've seen so far. It's funny really, when I was leaving to come to Canada a weird rumor went round that I was moving to Africa, and then another one circulated that I was off to India forever. I didn't really know about it until nestled in with the 'have fun with the mooses' messages on my leaving cards were best wishes for India.

Oh how we all giggled..and by we I mean me, and by giggled I mean wondered about the type of people I had befriended.

But back on topic, I will of course be blogging from India, first stop is Mumbai or Bombay as it used to be called. I'm not actually sure why they opted for a name change. Oh dear, I just looked it up, really should have left myself wondering. The Hindu Nationalist Party in 1995 pushed for a name change to further themselves from an 'unwanted legacy of British Colonial Rule'. I think I'll drop my British accent when I get there, opt for a more Canadian twang. I'll be undercover (insert James Bond theme tune)

So I guess I can recycle the best wishes for India and use them on my actual trip there, although I've let the people down by never having actually seen a moose during my time in Canada. My roommate has an absolutely incredible moose story that I would love to share with you, but it paints him and most of his posse in a very bad light so I'll protect him this time.

So thats news for now. A quick hello to my lovely friend Nanette who is back in America, also want to post a link to a fantastic Blog. Beans is about to head off to New Zealand with the band, so I assume her blog is about to get even more interesting, and envy making than it already is.

Check her out here :

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